Mail Call for 5/20

May 21, 2003

"Regarding what you can do when you know someone who drives drunk and is an accident waiting to happen. Call the Motor Vehicle Administration at 1-800-950-1682 and talk with them. You can do it without leaving your name or number. Good luck."

"If your heat is included in your rent, then how come they turn off your heat whenever they feel like it?"

"For all the Rush fans out there. He is on WFMD at noon every day."

"Why doesn't the National Little League publicize the Minor League team scores in the sports section? Our children deserve credit, too."

"Someone was wondering what the fast food restaurant was that delivered. It is Classic Deli, two of them, one on Frederick Street and the other one on Northern Avenue. They both deliver."


- Hagerstown

"I read in the paper the other day where they were going to set up two sobriety checkpoints over the weekend. If they would set up one outside of Boonsboro limits, they would probably catch about 100 people for DWI. I just want to make that point. Thank you."

"I am the nosy person who called in about the power company meter reader that read the neighbor's meter from the truck with binoculars. There was no dog and nothing else in the way."

"If anyone knows of an 800 number to find missing persons, can you call Mail Call with that number? An older lady's daughter has been missing for many years and she would like to find out if she is dead or alive and she would like to find out before she (the older lady) dies."

"The Board of Education continues to do nothing about the problems at Bester. I just stood here and watched the same child walk into a line of traffic twice. What will it take for the Board of Education to do something? Unfortunately it will probably take a child getting hurt."

"I want to know who or what is really behind this United Seniors Association (USA) which has been advertising on TV recently representing or supporting (U.S. Rep. Roscoe) Bartlett. I would like more information."

"I am calling about seeing a child coming from Bester, he must have only been about 5 years old, very small and an older child picking on him. By the time I could do anything, they had already moved on. We don't allow children to be alone at that age. So they shouldn't be walking alone."

"Hip hip hooray for Bob Bruchey for his article in Sunday's paper. How come the mayor of Hagerstown doesn't inform us on what is going on or what he would like to see happen to the city? I hope he will write an article, too. Bruchey's article proves a point that the city should continue to annex all the other unincorporated areas of Washington County."

"I want to thank the people who are putting up all the green ribbons around Bester School. That is to thank the crossing guard for doing a great job. I know that we aren't noticed enough and to whoever is doing it, we sure do appreciate it."

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