'Gilmore Girls' season finale airs tonight at 8

May 20, 2003

Tuesday, May 20

8 p.m. on the WB

"Gilmore Girls"

It should be interesting to see what Rory (Alexis Bledel) makes of her experience at Yale next season, but first there's that little matter of the speech she must make as valedictorian in tonight's season finale. (During the summer, it's off to Europe, but we probably won't get to see that.)

8 p.m. on UPN

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

When Sarah Michelle Gellar stepped into the movie-spinoff role of Buffy back in 1997, the show hardly was expected to last this long - or to be ranked at times among television's best. Tonight, some fireworks seem likely as the series comes to an end.

10 p.m. on NBC

"Dateline NBC"

Want to learn still more about Martha Stewart after Monday night's movie? This program will include a look at her life and career from a news perspective.

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