Mail Call for 5/15

May 17, 2003

"To the person who wanted to know why cab drivers don't have to wear seat belts. It's because by state law, you don't have to wear one if you have a Class B tag. Because someone in the back seat could take a hold of it and pull it around the driver's neck and make it easy to rob then. However, the cab driver that told the person they didn't have to wear theirs was wrong. Passengers are required by law to wear their seat belts. Also, for the public information, it's illegal to smoke in a taxi cab."

"I wish Elizabeth Morgan would start thinking about what is best for the children in this county, not what is best for her career advancement."

"In the paper, almost every day there has been a fatal accident. What can you do when you know someone who drives drunk and reckless and they are an accident just waiting to happen? What can you do about a person like that? Please call Mail Call and let me know."


"We had a yard sale this past Saturday on Clopper Road. Someone who visited our yard sale left a set of car keys, two car keys and a gold medallion are on a double hook. We found it in the driveway. Our number is 301-797-5777."

"My name is Mike, I graduated from North Hagerstown High School in 1988 and I want more information about my 15-year reunion. My number is 301-766-0721."

"Wake up people, aren't you tired of hearing liberal lies spread in the media like the New York Times? Let them know how you feel."

"I agree with the Dixie Chicks being ashamed of Bush coming from Texas because I am ashamed of him being from this country. He started a war because daddy Bush held a grudge against Saddam, so baby Bush wasn't satisfied until he got even with Saddam. Now they can't find any weapons of mass destruction and he can't bring back all the lives lost because of this senseless war."

- Williamsport

"I want to thank Henry Renner for delivering those Hagerstown pins to the public."

"I would like to thank the young man who stopped his van and helped me when a dog attacked my little dog and I on Marshall Street on Sunday, May 11. Also, thanks to the lady who was driving the Turner's van. I am sorry that I didn't get your names, but thanks again."

"For all of us who have lost loved ones to drunken drivers. Thank you, thank you for publishing the names of the potential killers."

- Hagerstown

"I live on Elizabeth Street and next to me there are two abandoned houses beside mine. They have two trees and the roots are growing up in my yard. I have called City Hall and everywhere else. I have been putting up with this for four years now and nothing has been done. Instead of them wanting to charge the good landlords, they need to turn around and clean up what belongs to them first."

"Found one ring at Hagerstown Trust, Westside and Franklin Street in the parking lot. It is a woman's ring. Call Mail Call and let a phone number with a description of the ring."

"I am a disabled senior citizen on a fixed income seeking information on getting help to make badly needed repairs to my home. Any help in getting someone to help me, will be appreciated. Leave a number in Mail Call and I will contact you. Thanks very much."

"I am wondering if anyone knows anything about a 1983 North High Class reunion? If you have any information, you can e-mail me at"

"Yes, I have a snowy picture for Channel 12. I think the whole Boonsboro and southern part of the county does. They better check into this."

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