Mail Call for 5/16

May 17, 2003

"Regarding the annual Robinwood Yard Sale on May 10. I am sorry it was rained out. I hope you re-schedule one in the fall. I purchased a Fisher Price Doll House with all the accessories from one of the vendors. But unfortunately when the storm came, I forgot to pick up the accessories. If the vendor still has them, please call 301-797-5058 and leave a message. My granddaughters thank you."

"In response to the caller stating that she read in the paper under senior menus, it said Williamsport, Md. and said everyone knows that it is in Maryland. Actually if you look at a Pennsylvania map, about half way up the state, there is an entire city Williamsport, Pa."

"I don't have to deal with the traffic at Bester, but I can surely sympathize with those people. I live near Salem Avenue School and especially since they are getting out around 4 p.m., it is complete and total chaos up here on Key Avenue. The police come up here when they can and control it, but 90 percent of the time, the people drive either lane they want, coming and going, leaving their cars double parked in the middle of the street. So this call is to support the people at Bester. Good luck."


"I was reading about the teachers at Eastern Elementary and them losing their jobs. I would like to know where the union is and why aren't they stepping in on this issue? They are getting paid big money by these teachers, and I haven't seen anything that they are doing to help the teachers. Where is the money that the union is getting paid, going?"

"I would like to know how to get more information regarding the group, Citizens for the Protection of Washington County? I too would also like to see the referendum in effect for at least another six months."

"I never realized so many dumb people lived in Hagerstown. The person that called in about the senior citizen center under Pennsylvania that Williamsport was listed and someone made a boo boo. Well guess what? There is a Williamsport, Pa."

"For the nosey person who saw the power company reading her neighbors meter from the truck with binoculars. It's because they probably have a mean dog and couldn't' get to the meter without getting bit."

"I just read in the paper where someone said that they worked in a fast food restaurant that made deliveries. I was just wondering what this fast food restaurant was and if it's in Hagerstown? I never knew of a fast food restaurant that delivered."

"Every Washington County taxpayer should read Tim Rowland's Column in May 11 about the airport runway extension. Tim hit the nail on the head. The only thing missing was the list of the movers and shakers behind this boondoggle?"

"I work in Baltimore City as a public school teacher, where Elizabeth Morgan came from. If you had to deal with Baltimore City and then compare it to Washington County, you will find that there is actually no comparison. Pay the guys $5,000? That is just barely enough to live on."

"There is a Williamsport, Pa. and a Williamsport, Md."

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