Letters to the editor 5/16

May 17, 2003

Thanks for nothing, delegate

To the editor:

Dear Del. Robert McKee:

It was with great consternation that I read the words attributed to you by the paper this evening, stating that the city government that I serve should be eliminated in favor of a single countywide government.

It was quite a bombshell, especially coming from a friend. I had thought that our relationship was such, as friends, that you would have called me to discuss these thoughts before delivering them out loud, especially to a group such as the Chamber of Commerce, which has indicated its desire to see the city government abolished.

I have no idea what you intended to achieve, but if you think that the route to better relations among the city, county and the state delegation is to treat us as if we don't exist, to hold forth about us without having first discussed with us your various ideas - for us, allow me to tell you that you are very seriously wrong!


I, for one, will fight you and your plans to obliterate us with every option at my command.

Please do not come back at me with "an honest disagreement about ideas shouldn't come between friends." Your idea could prove catastrophic to the city, just to quote your colleague, Del. Weldon. It is a profound change, a truly complete removal of the city's independent government, yet you never showed any of us in the city the courtesy of a contact, a phone call or an email

I have got to believe that you yourself do not understand what you have proposed or its ramifications - that you have been duped into floating someone else's trial balloon. Whatever the case, I believe you should back up and rethink your position on Hagerstown's future, perhaps giving the idea a trial run in you own territory: Williamsport.

Penny Nigh
Hagerstown City Council

Petty politics in Franklin Co.

To the editor:

I recently moved to Franklin County to enjoy all the aesthetics that it has to offer. Rural countryside, untouched farmlands and what I felt was a camaraderie among the residents. I instead found that my image of the county was naive. I soon came to realize that this seemingly innocent rural life was being threatened by an undercurrent of deception.

I found this to be true when I discovered there was manipulation by some persons holding local political offices. While we the residents of Franklin County believe that our elected officials are working on our behalf, some are in reality working harder on securing their jobs.

I, along with other friends and supporters of Scott Blanchard collected signatures to put Blanchard on the primary ballot. Some of the petition signer's were called personally by no other than our sitting commissioners, and asked why they gave their signature to put Blanchard on the ballot. Are there no other issues in Franklin County that need their attention more than calling residents at home to question them if they did indeed support another prospective candidate? I and many others find this to be invasive and intimidating at the very least.

I thought that I lived in a democratic country in which I am entitled to freedom of choice of elected officials. Now I am not so sure. Franklin County residents, I urge you to wake up to the bureaucratic workings and be informed and involved to protect your rights and freedom of choice.

Scott Blanchard is a dedicated and hard-working candidate. If elected, he will serve and listen to the concerns that affect the residents of Franklin County. His major issues include reducing property taxes, stopping the spreading of human waste on our farmland and the health hazards that it brings and preserving these farmlands which have been the backbone of our county.

Bernice Brown
Mercersburg, Pa.

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