District justice profile - Rob Ackerman

May 16, 2003

Editor's note: 10 candidates are running in the May 20 primary for the new District 7 District Justice seat in Franklin County, Pa. The top two vote-getters in the Republican and Democratic primaries will advance to the general election Nov. 4. District 7 serves residents of Guilford and Quincy townships and the Borough of Mont Alto. Candidates provided the following information to The Herald-Mail.

Rob Ackerman

Age: 55

Address: 6325 Burning Tree Lane, Fayetteville, Pa.

Party: Republican, but cross-filed.

Employment: Retired from the Pennsylvania State Police.

What are your qualifications?

"I served as a member of Pennsylvania State Police for over 21 years - a criminal investigator for 191/2 years. I am the only candidate with a working knowledge of both the Vehicle Code and Crimes Code of Pennsylvania. I have participated in hundreds of district justice hearings and other court proceedings which has enabled me to work directly with victims, witnesses, defendants, district attorneys, attorneys, law enforcement officials, district justices and judges throughout the Commonwealth."


What is the role of a district justice?

"The minor judiciary begins the justice system in both civil and criminal proceedings in the Commonwealth. I understand the vital role a district justice has in determining probable cause and establishing whether prima facie cases are presented. I know that judicial decisions must always be based on testimony and evidence for the office to be and remain credible."

Why are you seeking this position?

"I have been in public service most of my adult life. I seek this office because I am qualified to be district justice. I have a proven record of real experience that relates directly to this position and a working knowledge of the rules of criminal procedure and our justice system. I am not at some mid-life career crisis nor am I seeking a larger paycheck because someone said or wrote "you do not have to be qualified to be elected to this office."

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