Mail Call for 5/14

May 15, 2003

"Right at the intersection of Washington Street and Cannon Avenue, right before you get to the Sheetz and McDonald's. In the right hand lane there are metal plates on the road. Why aren't there signs warning people that they are there to slow down?"

"Can something be done about the bathrooms that are up at the softball field at City Park? The ladies bathroom is so filthy, there are cobwebs, it looks like it hasn't been cleaned in ages. The handicap stall doesn't even have a lock on the door, it just keeps popping open. They need to clean it and paint it. It looks like a war zone in there."

"I lost a small blue, 6-inch by 3-inch address book someplace in the first block of North Mulberry Street. Somewhere between the East End Deli and 19 N. Mulberry St. If anyone finds it, I am offering a small reward, it has some valuable phone numbers of my children in it."


"To the city government: I can't believe what happened to my neighbor. He owed a small amount on his taxes and surprise, his house was up for sale in the paper. He never got notification stating that his house would go up for sale. Where is the grace period there used to be? What kind of government are you running? I for one am selling and getting out of this town."

"I am calling about the toenail and fingernail fungus remedy. I know that Vick's was one of them used. But I think there was another remedy, I think it may have been vinegar or peroxide. I am not sure. Does anyone know if this is the other method of curing these fungus'?"

"There used to be a store in the mall called County Seat, where they sold young men and women's clothing. Does anyone know where the nearest store called County Seat is located?"

"I was horrified to hear what happened on Mother's Day in Texas where this young woman is being acused of killing her two young sons. I was totally horrified. It was very sad to hear that."

"I wonder if Sears would ever consider moving back to the Long Meadow Shopping Center. I really miss it and the North End needs a good department store back."

"I am calling to complain about what the Hagerstown Suns baseball team did last Friday night when they exploded fireworks after midnight. It was totally wrong to do that. I am sure that the entire community around the stadium was upset because it was very noisy. I don't think they had any right to do that at that hour of night."

"I am calling about the person who complained about the new trees on Eastern Boulevard. This is what is wrong with our society today. Everyone wants instant gratification. Be patient. In a few years, the trees will be beautiful and the protective plastic sleeves will be gone."

"Why wasn't there any coverage in the paper about the "Grease" musical last week at The Maryland Theatre? I just can't understand why there wasn't anything in the paper. I am sure that it was a sold out show."

"Anyone who leaves their key in the ignition and their car running while they leave their car for five minutes should have their heads examined."

"To the person who is putting down those people who hunt mushrooms is just trying to aggravate. That person who criticizes anyone, just doesn't have a life yet. Get one!"

"To all the people who are tired of hearing about Bester. Call the Board of Education, tell them to fix the problem. We will stop calling. Why weren't you down here walking with my child the other day when it was pouring down rain and lightning?"

"On May 20, there is supposed to be a Board meeting about the Bester parking problem for all the Bester parents who wish to complain, you need to be there. Hope to see you there so we can fix the problem. We will continue calling as long as we can."

"In response to the person about getting after the guy about hunting mushrooms and this and that. Why don't you just get a life and stop worrying about it?"

"Someone was wondering in Mail Call why people hunt mushrooms and what do they get out of it. I do it for the sport, but I never hunt them on Sundays. When I get my bag limit, I put them back so they can reproduce more mushrooms for the next lucky person."

- Sharpsburg

"If you stole the lawnmower from Mulberry Street within the past two weeks: Beware! You were on camera. My house has a hidden camera outside and you were caught on tape doing it. Return the lawnmower to my home or I will turn the tape over to the police."

"I want to offer a thank you to Drs. Newman, McCormack and Hovermale for all the work they have done volunteering for the Community Free Clinic. These doctors are great. I am a patient of their practice and they run a really classy operation and it seems like they are really classy individuals. Thanks, docs."

"To the person worried about who calls them and don't leave a message on the answering machine. Take the money you spend to find out who calls and buy a Caller I.D. instead of an answering machine."

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