District Justice profile - Kelly Rock

May 15, 2003

Editor's note: 10 candidates are running in the May 20 primary for the new District 7 District Justice seat in Franklin County, Pa. The top two vote-getters in the Republican and Democratic primaries will advance to the general election Nov. 4. District 7 serves residents of Guilford and Quincy townships and the Borough of Mont Alto. Candidates provided the following information to The Herald-Mail.

Kelly L. Rock

Age: 37

Address: 101 Elm St., Mont Alto, Pa.

Party: Republican, but cross-filed.

Employment: Waynesboro (Pa.) Area Middle School.

What are your qualifications?

"I believe that in order to be an effective district justice, a person must be able to communicate well with others and relate to a variety of people. I believe that I have that ability. In addition, I have a college education, and some of the courses I had will help me in this position. Strong work ethics, morals, honest, dependability and loyalty are my most important qualifications that will assist me in effectively fulfilling the duties of district justice. I will be as fair and dedicated as possible in carrying out the responsibilities of the district magistrate's office."


What is the role of a district justice?

"The role of district justice is to treat each case as important and to dispense justice fairly and impartially under the laws that are currently in effect. I want to treat the cases in the fashion that the people will feel their case was given the kind of consideration needed and the results would be accepted as just. It's important to satisfy as many people as possible at the district justice level in order to have few cases appealed to help relieve the dockets of the county courts from the flood of appeals because of poorly decided cases."

Why are you seeking this position?

"I've always had an awareness of the position of district justice since my grandparents, Frank and Esther Cordell, both served as Justices of the Peace during my childhood. Growing up around them gave me a first-hand opportunity to see the pride that they felt in serving their community by dispensing justice in a fair and open-minded fashion. While I've always aspired to the office, I felt it important that I waited until I was mature enough to dispense that fair and open-minded justice. I feel that time is now with the creation of the new magisterial district."

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