Mail Call for 5/12

May 14, 2003

"I think it's pretty crazy that these people go out at this time of the year and hunt for mushrooms. I know a guy who goes out all the time looking for mushrooms. What in the world are they thinking? I can think of a lot of other ways to spend my time, besides hunting for mushoroms of all things. And then they eat them and rave about them. Why don't they just eat bark off a tree? Yuk."

"Would somebody tell me why we have to wear seat belts in our cars and get tickets if we're not wearing them but cab drivers do not have to wear them? I was going to put my seat belt on in a cab and the driver told me I didn't have to wear a seat belt in a cab. Does that make sense? The way some cab drivers drive, I would sooner have one on."


"I lost a key on a purple ribbon, marked Scooby Doo around the emergency room at the hospital. If you find it, turn it into the desk, please."

"Why is it when you're playing golf that the group in front of you is always so slow and the group in back of you is climbing down your back? Is that a rule?"

"In response to the Mail Call about the police officers assigned to the Clear Spring prom last Saturday night. Don't blame the officers, it was the very inconsiderate parents who used all the parking spaces at the top so the police had no choice to make the young adults who were attending the prom park in the bottom lot. Next time parents, you park in the bottom lots and let the children have the lots at the top."

"Would Washington County Regional Airport Manager Carolyn Motz write a letter to the editor detailing how the loss of the runway project translates to a $20 to $30 million economic impact on Washington County?"

"I am responding to all the young people who leave their children on their tractors when they mow their lawn. The first thing that is noted on a tractor is not to allow children on the tractor. Yet everyone does it. This is not safe. There are thousands of people injured and killed every year from tractors."

"In response to Penny Nigh's comment. If the people who work for the city don't have to live in the city, then why do the board members have to?"

"To the person who called about the traffic lights at Mt. Aetna Road, if you look very closely, it looks like two cameras set up next to those series of traffic lights. So I would imagine someone is waiting for the go-ahead to start taking pictures of people running red lights. Just a guess."

"Enough of the Bester School traffic problem in Mail Call, let them work it out."

"Those tubing poles along Eastern Boulevard on the farm next to the YMCA look ridiculous."

"I have an answering machine, but I don't have Caller I.D. So I wish someone who calls would leave a message. If they don't, it costs me money to find out who called me. Like I'll hear the phone ringing and I can't get to it in time, just in case you were wondering how I knew someone called me."

"I don't think the teachers at Eastern Elementary School should be held responsible for what is going on at that school. I think a lot of it has to do with the redistricting that they did a few years ago."

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