Mail Call for 5/13

May 14, 2003

"Does anyone know of an address that I could write letters to troops?"

"If anyone is having problems with a snowy picture on Channel 12? It seems like it is happening every night again. Is any other area having this problem with bad reception?"

"I am in agreement with the Mail Caller about the teachers' salaries being raised. I am in total disagreement as far as them to be raised. I was in my son's school the other day to pick him up and I was surprised to see the kind of stuff that goes on in the schools these days and wonder what some of the children are being taught. Yes, everyone needs to be paid in order to live, but did anyone ever think about all the working class people in the community? Who do we cry to when all these people are crying about how to raise money, raise taxes and this and that? Who are we to speak out to? Does anyone ever listen to us? I think the main concentration is that you get into this job because you want to teach and make a difference, that should be your main concentration, not worried about raising the salaries."


"I thought Mr. Hovis was harsh in his editorial about the rally for the troops. I have never been to a rally in my life and never will. But I am very proud of our service men and women. I think rallies are more about attracting attention to one's self. True support can be shown in much quieter and thoughtful ways."

"I thank the museum for displaying the artwork of our school students and I thank the students for their creative and enjoyable art. If they are still there, you folks should go see it."

"About the set of encyclopedias that the person wants to give away, you can call me at 301-766-9571, my daughter likes to read and is really into learning."

"Congratulations to Doug Higgins for getting Sam's Teacher of the Year Award. It couldn't have gone to a nicer guy. So, as your friends, we are happy for you."

- Williamsport

"To the person who wanted to know why Rush Limbaugh isn't on WHAG Radio anymore. If you would read other sections of the paper besides Mail Call, you would know that 1410 AM has changed its format from talk radio to 'Music of Your Life.' Which is much more pleasant listening than Rush Windbag."

"When my wife died, we were told by the funeral director that The Herald-Mail had an obituary policy. We read it, but asked if all possible if we could include one granddaughter's name. My wife is survived by two sons, two sisters and one granddaughter. Our request was denied. I have been watching the obituaries, the Herald-Mail's policy is bogus. Recently obituaries have included daughter-in-laws, son-in-laws, brother-in-law, nieces, seven grandchildren, two great grandsons, and get this, two great grandsons, all their names, plus where they live. If you are going to have a policy, fine, but treat everyone the same."

(Editor's note - On May 1, The Herald-Mail began a new obituary policy. We still run free obituaries, but if you want to have a custom obituary with expanded information, there is a charge for that type of obituary.)

"I went to the 'Grease' Musical at The Maryland Theatre. It was a wonderful show, but I don't think it was fair the way they made all the people stand in the lobby until 7:45 p.m. A lot of us stood there for 45 minutes. They wouldn't let anyone in to find seats or anything. I can't understand why they made us stand that long. The show was great."

- Hagerstown

"What a delight to see that Mr. Higgins was chosen for the Sam's Club Teacher of the Year Award. This man touched our daughter's life many years ago. She is a young adult now and she still talks about how Mr. Higgins was her favorite teacher."

"To all you liberals out there who said oil and gas prices would go through the roof because of the war in Iraq. Well, ever since the war has started, oil and gas prices have gone down. Wrong again, liberals, but what else is new?"

"The Board of Education for Washington County should be ashamed of what they did to the teachers at Eastern Elementary School and the way they treat all the teachers in Washington County. The teachers at Eastern Elementary have had their lives turned upside down and their self esteem almost taken away. There is such a sadness when you look into their eyes."

"I would like to let the lady who has the World Book Encyclopedias know that I am interested in them. Call me at 240-217-3987."

"I saw a man from an electrical power company reading my neighbor's meter from his truck with a pair of binoculars. I don't think this should be acceptable. I think we all need to check out our bills when we get them."

"In response to the person thinking $5,000 more a year offered to the teachers at Eastern is so appalling. Maybe if you knew what the teachers were told they had to do for that additional money, on top of all they already have to deal with, you wouldn't be so quick to judge. If you were an involved parent there, you would be aware of the things going on."

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