Funkstown briefs

May 13, 2003|by PEPPER BALLARD

Town's property tax rate to stay same in 2003-04

FUNKSTOWN - The Funkstown Mayor and Town Council on Monday voted to keep the town's property tax rate at 22 cents per $100 of assessed value for taxable year 2003-2004.

"As far as adjustments in the budget, we didn't have to raise it," Funkstown Mayor Robert L. Kline said.

Council asked to study fiscal 2004 budget

FUNKSTOWN - Mayor Robert L. Kline on Monday asked the Town Council to look over the town's proposed $535,450 fiscal year 2004 budget over the next month so it can be approved at the June Town Council meeting.

Town Councilman Kim Ramer suggested the council consider as an additional budget item installing the Internet in Town Hall for use by employees.

Town Councilman Robert Rodgers Jr. asked for consideration of his proposal to give active volunteer firefighters with Funkstown Volunteer Fire Co. a $25 quarterly credit on their water and sewer bill starting with 2004's first billing cycle.


Town Councilwoman Sharon Chirgott asked why the amount set aside for donations was decreased from $1,000 to $550.

Haynes said the town generally tries to limit donations and found it didn't always use the $1,000 it allocated.

Residents air concerns about excess noise, trash

FUNKSTOWN - Two Funkstown residents approached the Funkstown Mayor and Town Council Monday to complain about noise and trash in the area of bars in downtown Funkstown.

Joshua Watkins, 22, said, "They're squealing tires in the middle of the night."

Mike Henry, 46, said people who leave the bars drive too fast down the main street. He asked the Town Council if it would consider getting a police officer to monitor the main street.

Councilman John Phillips III said it would cost too much for the town to hire its own deputy, but suggested if residents have complaints that they call the police.

Mayor Robert L. Kline said the Town Council would write a letter to the bars requesting that they take a look at the residents' complaints.

Council approves designs to replace sidewalk

FUNKSTOWN - The Town Council on Monday approved designs to replace a sidewalk over the tributary of Antietam Creek on Frederick Street near the City of Hagerstown's Sewage Treatment Plant.

Funkstown Mayor Robert L. Kline said he received complaints from Funkstown residents that the sidewalk was inadequate and dangerous on that stretch of road.

The city agreed to bring the culvert up to highway safety standards by extending it and connecting the sidewalks on the west side of the street.

Kline said the project should be complete by 2004.

Committee member gives update on re-enactment

FUNKSTOWN - Ron Benedict, chairman of the Re-enactment of the Battle of Funkstown Committee, told the Funkstown Mayor and Town Council on Monday that 14 units made up of 168 re-enactors have registered for the event, scheduled for June 7 and 8.

He said he has received e-mails from other units saying they would attend, but since they haven't registered, he's not counting them. Benedict said the re-enactment needs more Union troops.

Benedict also said he needs 29 bails of straw for bedding at the event.

Benedict presented a poster he made for the event and Funkstown Councilwoman Sharon Chirgott asked if she could make copies of it to distribute to county middle school social studies students who will be finishing studies on The Civil War when the re-enactment occurs.

Benedict said that was fine.

Safe Boating Week set for May 17 to 23

FUNKSTOWN - Funkstown Mayor Robert L. Kline signed a proclamation Monday designating the week of May 17 to 23 as Safe Boating Week.

Kline urged citizens through the proclamation to wear life jackets and practice safe boating.

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