District justice profile - Furness

May 12, 2003

Editor's note: 10 candidates are running in the May 20 primary for the new District 7 District Justice seat in Franklin County, Pa. The top two vote-getters in the Republican and Democratic primaries will advance to the general election Nov. 4. District 7 serves residents of Guilford and Quincy townships and the Borough of Mont Alto. Candidates provided the following information to The Herald-Mail.

Douglas J. Furness

Age: 38

Address: 155 Wilkson Lane, Fayetteville, Pa.

Party: Democrat

Employment: He teaches 11th- grade government and economics in the Carlisle (Pa.) Area School District.

What are your qualifications?

"I believe that my education and experience qualify me for the position of district justice. I have a master's degree in public administration and a bachelor's degree in history with a government minor, both from Shippensburg University. I am also certified by the State of Pennsylvania to teach secondary social studies, and I currently teach government and economics in the Carlisle Area School District. My past experience includes serving the residents of Franklin County as a legislative assistant to Rep. Jeffrey Coy of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives."


What is the role of a district justice?

"I believe that the most important role of a district justice is one of building trust between the residents of the community and the legal system. It is important that the residents of the community believe in and trust the person in this position. The decisions made by the district justice need to be wise with a solid foundation in fact. The people of the area need to be confident that the person in this position has a solid grasp of the legal issues involved."

Why are you seeking this position?

"There is a saying that 'Public service is the rent we pay for living in a free society.' I believe that statement. Much of my life has been spent in the service of others. I believe that my educational background and experience have prepared me for this position, and it offers me the opportunity to continue to serve my community. I feel that qualified people should enter the public arena and give something back to their community. I would like to take that step."

Tuesday's candidate: Mary Lou Sheeley

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