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May 12, 2003

Taxpayers plan to spend refunds

There has been abundant debate about whether the economy needs a short-term stimulus. A monthly consumer poll suggests it is about to get one as the government sends income tax refund checks.

Fifty-nine percent of Americans getting money back plan to spend it on bills or consumer goods, according to the latest Cambridge Consumer Credit Index.

More than a quarter of us, 27 percent, will put the money in the bank. Only 4 percent said they would invest the funds in stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

Two-thirds of American taxpayers say they expected a refund this year.

- Associated Press

Company recalls toy drumsticks

Battat Inc. has recalled about 300,000 sets of toy drumsticks sold with the Parents Bee Bop Band drum sets.


The end piece of the drumstick handle can break off and the screw at the end of the drumstick can loosen and detach, posing choking hazards.

The centipede-shaped drumsticks were sold with the Parents Bee Bop Band drum set. They're about 10 inches long and were sold in lime green or blue with black stripes. Model numbers involved in this recall are PM9137T2 and PM91372.

Consumers should take the drumsticks away from young children and contact Battat at 1-866-617-9137 for a replacement.

Fire sprinklers are recalled

American Household Inc., formerly known as Sunbeam Corp. is recalling about 60,000 Star ME-1 dry fire sprinklers.

The recall follows the resolution of an administrative proceeding filed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission on Oct. 9, 2001, in which the commission alleged the sprinklers are defective and likely to fail to operate in a fire.

Chemetron's Star ME-1 sprinklers have the following information molded onto the sprinkler: the name "Star," the designation "ME-1" and the year of manufacture, starting with 1977 and ending with 1982. The types of facilities in which the sprinklers were installed include nursing homes, convalescent and long-term care facilities, supermarkets and other stores, warehouses, hospitals and office buildings.

For more information, call 1-888-551-5014 or visit the recall Web site at

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