Mail Call for 5/9

May 10, 2003

"Thank you, my husband took a bad fall while walking our dog behind the Long Meadow Shopping Center, on Saturday, May 3. I want to thank the lady who tried to help him and the ambulance people who happened to be at the shopping center at that time, for wrapping his hands. Also, a big thank you to the Washington County Hospital for giving him such good care. He was hurt much more than he realized. Thank you so from June and Ken Crimpon. Thanks again."

"I think the state of Maryland should put a gambling casino down on the Sharpsburg Pike next to McDonald's. They have plenty of room and plenty of traffic."

"I just wanted to thank the kind and honest person who returned the white Home Federal envelope to Martin's Security desk. It was found outside the store. It was mine, I dropped it and I really appreciate the person who turned it into the store. I had some really valuable pieces of paper in there. So thanks again."


"I want to suggest something. I think the bus drivers should have a dress code. Some of these driver's on hot days, I know it gets hot, but they are hauling students, I think they should dress respectfully. The short length is too short to be driving a bus load full of students. Someone should check into this."

"In reference to Rush Limbaugh. His real name is Hudson Limbaugh, III. His grandfather was the Republican Ambassador to England under Dwight Eisenhower. When Rush couldn't get jobs, he was the announcer for the Kansas City Royals Baseball team for a number of years. He left there and was a regular frequenter of the gay scene in New York City and then changed his name to Rush Limbaugh. He then became an activist for the Republican Party through the family connections of his grandfather and father."

"I have a question. I was over by the mall on Massey Boulevard. Those people out there that come up to your vehicle with their buckets almost caused me to hit the curb because I thought I was going to hit them. I told them to go to work instead of begging for money. I think the law should look into this before there is a bad accident. If I ever go to the mall again and see them there, I will call the state police and see if I can't have something done about that, because something terrible is going to happen."

"What a shame that WHAG 1410 radio had to change format."

"In response to the person looking for an over 50 baseball league. Yes, Hagerstown does have one. It's called Washington County Slow Pitch Senior Olympic Softball League. It's for anyone over 50. Games are played Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at City Park, at 6 p.m. There are six teams on the league this year. There are several tournaments during the year and in October, league participants participate in their own age groups at the Maryland State Senior Olympic Competition, usually in the Baltimore area. Come on out and have a look, join up if you want. Just come out and watch all the fun we have."

"Congratulations to the Miami Herald for publishing a good letter to the editor recommending limiting funds to candidates for political offices."

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