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Mail Call for 5/8

May 09, 2003

"I am responding to certain messages in Mail Call criticizing George Bush expressing his beliefs in Christian values and often referring to God in prayer. Hey people, just because he is president, that doesn't take away his right to freedom of expression. As far as Iraq is concerned, he has done the right thing in destroying Saddam's Regime and proposing the government for those people, much like own. Our president wants Iraq to be free not under a religious tierny. I am so glad that I voted for George Bush."

- Greencastle

"For the mail caller who believes Bush has double standards. We live in America and because of this, we don't have to have a government that is strictly Musselum, strictly Christian or any other religion. I think that is the point Bush was trying to make about the Iraqi Government. Fortunately we have a man in office, in charge of this country, that is not afraid to declare his belief in God. A moral man that lives the phrase, 'In God We Trust."


"Here is my sound off: One Bester traffic is a mess; Two, rap music isn't all bad, sit down and really listen to it, there is truth behind most of the lyrics; Three, Bush led us through the war, now let's lead him out of the White House; Four, bus drivers, a threat of a sick out, come on, you took this job, now do your job; Five, let's get some new Mail Call's in, instead of the same old, same old. Sounding off in Hagerstown."

"I think it's a shame that doctor's have to go on strike because of these insurance companies, with the lawsuits and the high claims. People have to realize that doctor's aren't God, they do the best they can. I am calling because I have had a chronic illness for 40 of my 50 years of life. I have dealt with all kinds of doctors, mostly good, but some bad. But they can't do everything. This is just legal extortion. These high insurance rates are just legal extortion."

"Someone asked for the address of St. Jude's. It is St. Judes Children's Research Hospital, P.O. Box 50, Memphis, Tenn. 38101-9929. I also have the address for Shriner's. They do a good job for people who have burns and other things. The address is Shriner's Hospital, P.O. Box 31110, Tampa, Fla. 33633-1321."

"Found on the corner of Potomac Avenue and West Irvin Ave., a pair of child's gloves, they are black and look almost brand new. If these are yours, call 301-790-3811."

"Can anyone tell me how to discourage rabbits from having their off springs in the yard. I have a cocker spaniel and he keeps digging the nest. I pitty those rabbits, but they just keep digging when they know I have a dog. I wish they would stop putting the babies in my yard. What can I do?"

"To the person with the upstairs neighbor sweeping all the dirt down. Go up and ask her not to do it, then buy her a dustpan."

"Does someone have the phone number of the lady, I believe who lives in Boonsboro, that takes cats and kittens for adoption so they aren't put to sleep?"

- Hagerstown

"To the person wondering about the farm next to the YMCA and the tubes in the ground. Those tubes are around trees. The federal government plants the trees and the farmer receives the $150 per acre for the next 15 years for each acre that he puts the trees. That is your tax dollars at work."

"On the evening of April 18, Good Friday around 5:15 or 5:20, several men come to my door, claiming that they were vacuum cleaner salesmen. I didn't know that until later. Did anyone else in the neighborhood have these people come to their house?"

"My husband and I will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary this August. But at this moment, it won't be a very happy celebration, I lost my diamond engagement ring this past Friday while shopping at Martin's on Wesel Boulevard. I am hoping that someone can find it, either in the store or in the parking lot and would notify me by calling my home at 301-678-6938."

"Can someone tell me a safe way to keep dogs and cats from doing their business in my flower beds. I don't want to harm any of the animals and I don't want to kill the plants either. When I open up my windows there is such a terrible smell."

"I was just wondering what I could do with an older set of World Book Encyclopedia's? They are dated around 1976. Does anyone have any use for them or suggestions, leave it in Mail Call."

"I live in the county and I am having a problem with people putting their business advertisements in my mail box. They are actually putting their advertisements in their with my regular mail. Sometimes we are missing mail, we don't know if it's the solicitors or what. Can anyone tell me what to do."

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