Letters to the editor - 5/9/03

May 09, 2003

Put Brown's fort on the quarter

To the editor:

"Montani Semper Liberi." Mountaineers are always free.

Our much-maligned and abused state stands in line with the founding fathers in illuminating a strong beacon of freedom.

What image should be on the West Virginia statehood quarter?

The image of John Brown's fort - which showed a startling vision of real liberation not only to America but the world.

Peter Miller
Martinsburg, W.Va.

CAMEO House says thanks

To the editor:

The CAMEO House would like to thank the Health Information Technology Student Organization of Hagerstown Business College for sponsoring residents of our program for the Easter holiday. This group was kind in organizing an Easter egg hunt and provided Easter baskets for 18 children that reside at CAMEO House.

They also provided financial support that will allow for our residents to participate in family activities including movies, bowling and skating.


The mothers and children had a wonderful time at the Easter egg hunt, and they were able to see that the community cares.

The Washington County Health Department and the CAMEO House would like to sincerely thank the Health Information Technology Student Organization for this event.

Melissa Crawford
Program Coordinator

Opposing views still legal in U.S., for now

To the editor:

The articles by Charley Reese should definitely stay! God forbid the day when we have a president or government that cannot tolerate the varied opinions and views of citizens, columnist, or otherwise. Several of the previous responses pointed out that anyone who doesn't want to read Reese's articles and views should just not read them!

I fully agree. Reese is just as much a citizen as we are, probably just as patriotic, just as smart and thoughtful, and undoubtedly just as versed on subject matters.

A former president once stated that "I don't give them hell, I just tell them the truth, and they think it's hell!" It is strange how we can sometimes become so locked in our personal views that we automatically believe that any contrasting views or comments are wrong. Charley Reese, and all who agree with him are just as entitled to their views as all those who disagree with his views. After all, that is what America is all about, isn't it?

In reading the various response comments you printed in today's editorial column, I get the feeling that we have three distinct categories that responded. (1) Those who agree, (2) Those who disagree, and (3) Those who agree, but are reluctant to admit it!

Whether one agrees or disagrees with Charley Reese's views, we should never deny his absolute right to state his views. I can't imagine what type of government we would have if the only evaluations and views we would see or hear were totally positive in each and every instance. Keep printing Charley Reese's column.

For those who don't agree with his column, simply don't read it.

I find it difficult to even believe that we as a group of citizens would deprive a columnist of writing a column simply because we don't necessarily agree with his or her views.

William E. Hahn

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