Letters to the editor - 5/7/03

May 07, 2003

Bartlett all talk on health care

To the editor:

I've noticed that during the past week, U.S Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, R-6th, has been running some ads on the local TV stations (including, of course, a photo of himself). In the ads he claims that he cares very much about his constituents and that he has been working very hard to pass legislation to provide prescription drug benefits for seniors.

Several months ago I wrote a letter to Bartlett about a health care issue that is very important to me and my family. Bartlett didn't even have the courtesy to reply. As my representative in Congress, that is unacceptable.

In the next few years, most Americans probably will start to lose their Social Security and all seniors certainly will lose most of their Medicare benefits, if the tax cuts go through.

In the meantime, Bartlett will be just fine. He will sit on his farm in Frederick, collect a huge salary, have access to the best health care, including the National Institutes of Health, and collect an enormous retirement fund if and when he is no longer re-elected.


Bartlett does not care about you and me. He is doing just fine. And most of you elected him to do nothing for you.

It is inexcusable for a representative in Congress to not respond to his constituent about a serious issue.

Beverly Kissinger

Munson paves his own way

To the editor:

I'm certain that many Washington County residents, especially those who follow the daily trials and tribulations of County Commissioner John Munson, would be interested to know about a project that Commissioner Munson felt so strongly about and supported that he actually dipped into the county's pocketbook to fund it.

During this time of increased budget tightening and expense cutting, Commissioner Munson went against his own political platform to unilaterally spearhead changes to an intersection close to his home in the Garden Spot subdivision near Maugansville. Why would the usually frugal Commissioner Munson want to spend county funds to do such a thing?

Prior to April 9, 2003, the intersection of Mark Avenue and Garden Spot Drive had been home to a four-way stop for close to 20 years. That was until Commissioner Munson decided to flex his political muscle and contact Terry McGee, Director of the Washington County Engineering Department.

Commissioner Munson requested the intersection become just a two-way stop, in effect making it more dangerous rather than safer.

The four-way stop was originally put in place due to residents' concerns about excessive speeding and the large number of young children in the area. Commissioner Munson made the argument to Mr. McGee that the children in that part of the neighborhood have since grown up and there is no need to keep the four-way stop in place any longer.

Per the request, McGee examined the intersection and determined that a four-way stop was not needed, thus prompting the removal of two of the signs by county workers on April 9.

I take issue with the assertion that children are no longer a concern in the area. I take issue not only because I live at one of the corners of the intersection and have twin 3-year old daughters myself, but also because the intersection has been and still remains a bus stop for elementary, middle and high school students.

The removal of the stop signs came out of the blue and was a surprise to many Garden Spot residents. Commissioner Munson did not solicit the opinions of the residents of the area, his constituents, about the possible removal.

In my opinion, this is the sole reason Commissioner Munson decided to bring the matter before Terry McGee. Commissioner Munson no longer has to take a few extra seconds to put on his brakes but instead can cruise through the intersection without interruption. I feel in this situation that Commissioner Munson has used his public office to accomplish his own personal agenda and make things more convenient for himself rather than serve the residents of the county.

Steve Ebersole

Free clinic needs affordable parking

To the editor:

The Community Free Clinic on West Franklin Street has no parking facilities for the clients, staff or volunteers.

They must rely on using metered parking spaces. The proposed doubling of parking meter fees will provide an added hardship. The Clinic is a valuable community asset which I hope the City Council will recognize when making their decision.

Barbara Miller

Nonprofits can help our foundation create a year-long events list

To the editor:

Nonprofits, we need your help! As a service to the community at large, the Community Foundation of Washington County Inc. is constructing a page on its Web site for a comprehensive, year-long special events calendar. This will be a resource for the public to use when they are trying to plan their own activities, as well as, a resource for nonprofits who want to position a new special event for the best possible time.

I am requesting any and all Washington County nonprofit organizations to please send us their complete Special Events Calendar and any important information regarding these events (where, when, why, how, what and contact info).

This information can be mailed to us at CFWC, 14606 Pennsylvania Ave., Hagerstown, MD 21742. Or you can fax us at 301-791-5752. Finally, you can e-mail me the information at

Thank you for your kind consideration in this matter.

Bill N. Sell
Executive Director
Community Foundation of Washington County MD, Inc.

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