Mail Call for 5/6

May 07, 2003

"I just read Mail Call about the sassafras. Go to the City Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings. They used to sell it there. If they don't anymore, I am sure someone will tell you about it."

"Sassafras tea is not made by the bark of the tree, it is made by the root. Let it dry, scrape the bark off the root and let it dry. Scrub the root very well first."

"I am not sure what our laws are about people who are in this country who aren't citizens or migrated from another country. But anyone who is not an American and who is in this country and has anything to do with terrorism, it should be an automatic death penalty if found guilty."

- Sharpsburg

"I am responding to the Mail Call about the reunion of North High Class of 1973. We are going to have one, it is going to be on Oct. 25. If you would like information, call me at 301-733-6235."


"It is so refreshing to hear the music they play on WHAG Radio now than listening to Rush Limbaugh and all that talk radio they had. Yada, Yada, Yada. Blah, blah, blah. Now, we get Frank Sinatra and beautiful music that they call the 'Music of our Lives.' Tune in to 1410 AM and sit back and listen. It's great."

"Can anyone tell me what that farm is doing next to the YMCA? They are placing all of these tube-like plactic devices into the ground. Is this a new way to grow corn? Does anyone know?"

"I can't believe that people wouldn't put an extra quarter into a parking meter to help the city with its budget crunch. That's not a lot to pay. It would be good for downtown and good for the city."

"I am calling to ask for the public's help about what a neighbor can do about the upstairs neighbor always sweeping down the dirt and stuff. If I am sitting on my porch drinking soda or coffee, here comes the dust and dirt. What would you do about this?"

"I surely hope that the community will verbally rise up against the Board of Education's suggestion to pay teachers at Eastern Elementary and the Alternative School an extra $5,000 each to perhaps work a little bit longer a day and take some workshops. What about all the other teachers in the county who have always worked a little bit longer and taken workshops and tried to do the best for the kids? Are they going to get $5,000 more, too?"

"I think the NBA season is too long. They should have never increased the opening-round playoffs from five to seven games. They'll be playing until July Fourth at this rate."

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