Mail Call for May 5

May 06, 2003

"From Maugansville Little League. What a disappointment. I have been involved with baseball for 12 years and I have never seen such a lack of respect for adults and players. I was shocked when I heard the umpire yell 'shut up' to an adult spectator. I can't believe a coach would yell out to the batter to slice the head off of another player on the opposing team. Where does this disrespect for others end? This sport is supposed to be a fun and educational experience. I believe that the Maugansville Little League is promoting disrespect for others and whomever allows this to happen needs to re-evaluate their ideals. This is from a concerned spectator."

"I was born in West Virginia and I would like to join the West Virginia Club, could someone put the number in Mail Call for me to contact."

"To the parents of the kids on four-wheelers in the River Bend Development off of Dam 4 Road, this activity is not allowed. If we wanted to listen to this noise and put up with all the dust, we would be paying lower taxes on the other side of the river. This should be stopped."


"For all you people who are against tax cuts and who think the so-called rich should pay for your education, your medicine and your food stamps, why don't you just walk up to your nearest neighbor who you consider to be rich and demand the money from them personally? Instead, you seem to want to take the coward's way out and demand that the government steal their money from them."

"As someone who can be said to be from Hagerstown, only by virtue of the fact that I reside here - as proof of which, I offer that I do not own one piece of camouflage clothing - I must say that my amazement and respect for Tim Rowland's almost Zen-like understanding of the dynamics of the population of this area was ratcheted up quite a few notches by his brilliant column of Wednesday past. Or, as they would say in Hagerstown, 'That there Tim Rowland gots it right about them there yard sales.'"

"I see in the Mail Call where someone called in and wanted to know about the spiders and whatever that are in their basements and all. The bottom line is: Moth balls. Moth balls are even good to keep the cats out of your flower bed and things like that. Just put them where the children can't get ahold of them, because they are poison. Other than that, the moth balls will do the work. I know. I use them all the time from the attic - not in the house - but the attic to the basement and out around the house, and they are good. They'll answer the purpose. Thank you."

"You put your life in jeopardy going down the Sharpsburg Pike. Salem Avenue is getting just as bad and now Potomac Avenue is going to be as bad if not worse. What is planning and zoning doing besides drawing their salary?"

"Yes, I'm one of the parents at Bester School that has been trying to get the traffic changed. I want to comment on some of these Mail Calls that are being printed about us. We are just concerned parents that don't want our kids to get hurt in the parking lot - or anybody else's kids. I'm really offended by the people calling in to say we should let our kids walk a few blocks. My child would have to cross three roads and four busy parking lots by herself with no crossing guards because there is none out there until she gets to South Potomac Street. And for some of the others that say we should just let it go, I'm sorry, I will not let it go until things are changed. I don't want to see any child get hit and there's been a couple of close calls down there. So, until you all come down and see the problem for yourself, you should just let us do our job."

"It's just really nice to see that Mickey Myers has received the Life of Leadership award. She deserves it. Thanks."

"Yeah, this goes out to the teenager who called in about the rap music. That's the point of it, which you don't understand because you are nothing but a kid. When you grow up and you become an adult you will understand what the problem is. That filthy rap music is good for absolutely nothing. It's garbage and it's performed by scumbag idiots with no morals. When you grow up and you have your own kids and everything that goes with it, you will understand."

"I'm a South End Hagerstown resident and I was just curious if someone could tell me what all the green ribbons are doing up all over South Potomac Street, Maryland Avenue and Frederick Street."

"Well, congratulations, Hagerstown, you did it again. Thinking about having planes go from New York to here. That's a great idea. Now the drug dealers will get down here faster and you'll still make money and they'll make money."

"I am calling in because I lost a set of keys Wednesday out on Dual Highway in that little shopping center. If anyone finds a set of car keys would you please put it in the Mail Call and I'll be looking for it in there. House keys, car keys and mailbox keys. I certainly would appreciate it if anyone that finds it would put it in Mail Call and let me know. Thank you and God bless you."

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