District justice preview 1/Cheryl Reed

May 06, 2003

Editor's note: 10 candidates are running in the May 20 primary for the new District 7 District Justice seat in Franklin County, Pa. The top two vote-getters in the Republican and Democratic primaries will advance to the general election Nov. 4. Candidates provided the following information to The Herald-Mail.

Cheryl Reed

Age: 55

Address: 977 Anthony Highway, Chambersburg, Pa.

Party: Republican, but cross-filed.

Employment: Teacher and coach in the Chambersburg Area School District.

What are your qualifications?

I am a mother of two daughters and have been a teacher and coach in Chambersburg for 33 years. I am a people-oriented person, and it has been my job to take groups of young people and mold them into a cohesive team or class. When I served as athletic director, I was the mediator between students, coaches, school administration and parents. I know how to use common sense and I am not afraid to make decisions.


What is the role of a district justice?

A district justice is the first contact a person has with the judicial system. The rights of the individual must be upheld and compassion must be shown to the victims. Fair treatment for all is extremely important. The district justice has to be a person with common sense and have the ability to make wise decisions.

Why are you seeking this position?

After 33 years in the role of teacher/coach, I would like to serve my community in a different capacity. With my life experiences, and the daily task of helping direct and mold our youths into responsible citizens, I feel I know how to listen, comprehend, then use intelligence and common sense to solve problems. As our community grows and evolves, we need to set and expect a level of behavior that allows our society to feel safe and respected. I feel I can make these decisions.

Tuesday's candidate: Gerald E. Spielman.

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