District Justice profile - Spielman

May 06, 2003

Editor's note: 10 candidates are running in the May 20 primary for the new District 7 District Justice seat in Franklin County, Pa. The top two vote-getters in the Republican and Democratic primaries will advance to the general election Nov. 4. Candidates provided the following information to The Herald-Mail.

Gerald E. Spielman

Age: 58

Address: 3040 Country Road, Chambersburg, Pa.

Party: Republican.

Employment: Pennsylvania State constable and self-employed.

What are your qualifications?

In 1996, I was elected by Guilford Township as a Pennsylvania State constable. In 2002, I was appointed by Judge Walker to also serve Fulton County. I am currently working, implementing and enforcing the law on a daily basis. I not only have experience, education and knowledge of the present criminal justice system, I am working for four of the present district justices. I have observed firsthand the procedures and operations that this office would demand. During my tenure as constable, I have ongoing training by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, civil/criminal proceedings, landlord-tenant matters, etc.


What is the role of a district justice?

First and foremost, a district justice must make fair and impartial decisions with the information provided in a very limited time frame through the confines of the Pennsylvania Rules of Court. I believe the importance of this role is the cornerstone of our judicial system. A district justice has the austere responsibility to serve and control our community challenges through the implementation and application of regulations, ordinances and statutes without prejudice or predisposition. I feel that a district justice does not learn this role; a district justice should live this role in or out of the office.

Why are you seeking this position?

I have been interested in a district justice position for years but the opportunity was not available for me to make that next progression in my community service career. This isn't just a new job, for me it would be a promotion. I would like to achieve more for myself and the community in which I have lived for 36 years. I know that I can if given this rare opportunity. I believe that the position of district justice demands not only experience and education but a commitment to this new Franklin County office and the present district justices.

Wednesday's candidate: Sue Kohler.

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