Allfirst-M&T merger means 8 area bank branches will close

May 04, 2003|by JULIE E. GREENE

Following the merger of Allfirst with M&T Bank, two bank branches in Washington County and six branches in the Franklin County, Pa., area will close in late summer, a M&T spokesman said Friday.

Employees at these branches will be transferred to other bank branches so none will be laid off, M&T spokesman Philip Hosmer said.

Customers will be notified through the mail 90 days before their base branch closes, Hosmer said. The mailing will include the address for a receiving bank, which is a suggested bank branch nearby that customers may use and to which they may have safety deposit boxes transferred, he said.


The closings consist of Allfirst branches near Halfway and in downtown Hagerstown; Greencastle, Pa.; and Guilford Hills, Pa.; and M&T branches in Wayne Heights, Pa.; Shippensburg, Pa.; and two in Chambersburg, Pa., Hosmer said.

Each branch employs approximately 5 to 10 people, Hosmer said.

In Washington County, the Nicodemus branch of Allfirst at the corner of Summit Avenue and West Washington Street in downtown Hagerstown and the Allfirst branch at 18216 Oak Ridge Drive near Downsville Pike will close on Aug. 28, Hosmer said.

Besides the five employees working at the Nicodemus branch, there are several regional personnel working at that office, Hosmer said. Hosmer did not know how many regional employees work there, but said they also will be transferred to other offices.

The receiving bank for Nicodemus customers is the M&T Bank about a block and a half away at 32 N. Potomac St. That branch has drive-through banking, but no ATM, whereas the Nicodemus branch had a walkup ATM, Hosmer said.

The M&T Bank at 10721 Fairway Lane will be the suggested receiving bank for customers whose home branch was at 18216 Oak Ridge Drive, Hosmer said. The Fairway Lane branch has drive-through banking and a drive-up ATM, he said.

In Wayne Heights, the 1501 E. Main St. M&T branch will close on Sept. 18, but the drive-through banking operation will remain open, Hosmer said.

The receiving bank for that branch is the Rouzerville branch of Allfirst at 11973 Buchanan Trail East, Hosmer said.

In Greencastle, the 703 S. Antrim Way branch of Allfirst will close on Sept. 14, Hosmer said. The receiving bank is the M&T at 643 E. Baltimore St.

In Chambersburg, the M&T at 14 N. Main St. will close on Sept. 5 and the M&T inside Giant Food at 993 Wayne Ave. will close on Sept. 18, Hosmer said. The drive-through banking operation in Giant's parking lot will remain open.

The receiving bank for the M&T on North Main Street is the Allfirst at 55 S. Main St., he said.

The receiving bank for the M&T at Giant is the Allfirst at 430 Stouffer Ave.

In Guilford Hills, the Allfirst at 2001 Lincoln Way West will close on Sept. 19. The receiving bank is the M&T at 1798 Lincoln Way East.

In Shippensburg, the M&T at 401 E. King St. will close on Sept. 4, Hosmer said. The receiving bank is the Allfirst at 28 Walnut Bottom Road.

When deciding which branches to close, bank officials wanted to ensure there were good branch locations without having branches too close to each other, Hosmer said.

M&T owns some of the branch buildings and leases others, Hosmer said. No decisions had been made yet whether the buildings owned by M&T would be sold or leased to someone else, he said.

After the consolidations, M&T will have 13 branches each in Washington County and Franklin County, Hosmer said. The Shippensburg branch is in Cumberland County, Pa.

The closings will leave M&T with 686 branches and 1,600 ATMs, Hosmer said.

All of the Allfirst branches will be renamed M&T Bank in July, he said.

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