Are you strong-willed?

May 02, 2003

Mark statements that are true almost all the time. Scoring: One point for each item marked. Go through the list once and mark the items that describe you. Then go through the list again for each of your children.

  • Almost never accepts the words "impossible" or "it can't be done."

  • Can move with lightning speed from being a warm, loving presence to being a cold, immovable force.

  • May argue the point into the ground, sometimes just to see how far into the ground the point will go.

  • When bored, has been known to create a crisis rather than have a day go by without incident.

  • Considers rules to be more like guidelines.

  • Shows great creativity and resourcefulness - seems to always find a way to accomplish a goal.

  • Can turn what seems to be the smallest issue into a grand crusade or raging controversy.

  • Doesn't do things just because "you're supposed to" - it needs to matter personally.

  • Refuses to obey unconditionally - seems to always have a few terms of negotiation before complying.

  • Is not afraid to try the unknown - to conquer the unfamiliar.

  • Can take what was meant to be the simplest request and interpret it as an offensive ultimatum.

  • May not actually apologize but almost always makes things right.

How much strong will do you have?


0-3 You've got it, but you don't use it much.

4-7 You use it when you need to, but not on a daily basis.

8-10 You've got a very healthy dose of it, but you can back off when you want to.

11-12 You don't leave home without it - and it's almost impossible to not use it.

- From "You Can't Make Me (But I Can be Persuaded)" by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias

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