Mail Call for 4/30

May 01, 2003

"If any class member has changed their residence since the 55th reunion in 1995, the Class of 1944 Hagerstown High School, call 301-791-0145."

"Could someone answer this question: If the city and county do decide to merge together, will the city residents have to pay the city and county taxes or would we be like the county residents and only have to pay the county taxes? There are a lot of people that would like an answer to this question."

"About merging the city and county. I agree that the city should annex the rest of Washington County."

"I was wondering if someone could tell me about the Turf Bowling at Pangborn Park on May 6. Can someone put phone number in Mail Call or give me a time that you have to be there?"

"On Tuesday we seen the first Hummingbird back from wherever they go in the winter."


"I want to know why the American flag that was put up on the old Woolworth's building downtown is still hanging there. It's a real disgrace to let a flag get that dirty. Please take it down."

"Anyone interested in helping to plan the South Hagerstown High School class reunion, class of 1989, please join us for our meeting at the Creekside, Friday, May 2 at 7 p.m."

"I was calling to see if any of your callers know where I can find Sassafras tea roots that you can make tea out of? It's good for your health and to help to get ready for the hot weather."

"I am calling about the traffic problem at Bester. We know there is one, so get off the subject and stop talking about it. There isn't anything going to be done about it, so just forget it. There is more to Mail Call than just running the same thing over and over again. I really enjoy Mail Call, but when you pick up the paper and see the same thing day after day, it gets boring."

"In regards to the intersection of Mt. Aetna Road and the Dual Highway. They placed lights up there about six months to a year ago. They still have the burlap sacks over them and the obstruct the view of the old lights. I was wondering when they were going to take down the old lights and turn on the new ones. It's kind of strange to put up new lights and never have them being used."

"In answer to the person who was concerned about attending a meeting with the minutes was passed out before they were approved. I also attended a meeting like that and I can assure you that it will never happen again at our meeting."

"Concerning Bester and their traffic problem. If they would let the children into the school into the cafeterias or the classrooms, there wouldn't be a traffic problem because there wouldn't be any kids out there that you have to watch for. They would be inside where they are supposed to be instead of making them wait until 8:45 a.m. to let them go in."

"I have been reading in the paper with much interest our school superintendent's comment about Commonwealth Avenue is lean and mean. Why then may I ask are we paying her over $100,000, with a county car, in which she uses to commute to another county to live and a cell phone? I would also like to know how much money was used for the new computer gadgets that is now being taken to the meetings to get public opinions. It would seem to me that all the above expenses would pay for another teacher or two. Also, the comment that the principal would have to make hard choices for cuts. At Boonsboro High School, the principal is cutting all programs involving food nutrition and child care. Saying that they need a fourth Spanish teacher instead. It seems to me that some life skills would be more important than four years of Spanish."

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