Mail Call for 4/28

April 29, 2003

"I would like to congratulate the South High band for superior ratings on their cruise to the Bahamas. You represented your school well, not only with your superior ratings but with your behavior. They invited the band back for a longer cruise. Based on everything you've done, you should be very proud of yourselves. You're the greatest group of students ever. Keep up the excellent work. It pays well. Be proud to be a Rebel. This is one of the chaperones on the cruise with a real proud heart and proud to be a Rebel band parent."

"What is all that construction on I-70 in Frederick? It seems like it has been going on forever. It's right after you pass the stadium where the Keys play, on the eastbound lane. It's a real nasty area. You have cars coming on the highway from the right, there's a cement wall on the shoulder that seems to be right up against the road and the traffic doesn't slow down there. It's really scary."


"In regards to the swans that they wanted to destroy here in Maryland. It seems to me that the resources should be able to find something better to do with such beautiful birds. Considering how everything is being killed or dying off, so much in this country, because of man or other such. Couldn't someone come up with a better idea instead of more killing? I also think that deer hunting shouldn't be allowed on Sundays. That is God's day and that is the only day left to enjoy beauty. Also, how are you supposed to walk out the door when you don't know who is going to shoot you?"

"The flowers on the Dual Highway at Cleveland Avenue are just beautiful. It looks like all the tulips bloomed at the same time. There are a lot of yellow and red flowers. Are they the city colors?"

"I want to tell the Ladies Auxiliary Post 236 how delicious their baked goods, soups and chicken salad sandwiches were the other week. Also the Easter bunny was terrific, too."

"I am calling about my mother. She works, she has disability insurance. She had major brain surgery in February. Now as of April 11, they have cut her disability off. The doctors told them that she would be off anywhere from six weeks to six months, if not indefinitely. Can someone tell me who to call to get in contact with someone about this insurance? She has no money coming in and can't report back to work yet."

"If we need another sister city and I am not sure that we do, how about some city in England? The only times they ever got upset at us was in 1776 and 1812."

"A couple of mallard ducks were just sitting in our yard the other day in the North End. Sunning themselves, like they were at the beach. Is it unusual for ducks to land in a yard where there is no water around?"

"If they eliminate the City of Hagerstown government, will we still have to pay city and county taxes? Or will they just keep the taxes as they are and we would just pay the same amount to the county?"

"The Orioles are playing a lot better than I thought they would. They don't have anyone in their lineup that would scare anybody, but they play hard and they seem to be in just about every game. They can't compete with the Yankees or the Red Sox, but they are fun to watch."

"I think the nice weather is here for good now, for a while. I'll tell you, I'm not going to complain about the heat this summer after the winter we had."

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