Mail Call for 4/25

April 28, 2003

"To the grave robber that stole the six bloom pink Hydrangea plant off our daughter's grave in Greenlawn Cemetery in Williamsport: I never though I would ever say this to anyone, but I wish you the same pain, suffering and death by cancer that put our beloved daughter there, 'show you have a little decency left and return it."

"Why can't they use the city's parking lot across the street from Bester for the parents to park and pick up their children, so there isn't so much traffic and doesn't take so long. The parents could walk across the street pick up their child and take them back over to their vehicle. This way all the cars aren't lined up and causing problems."

"Enough of the French bashing. This person said that everyone in France is rude. I have been in France and have known French people, some are rude and some aren't. Same with Americans. I am so sick and tired of the redneck Americans attack France. What you should remember is that if it wasn't for France, we would have never won the revolution and then not have been able to help them during World War II."


"So Delegate McKee says that we should merge the county into the city. God help us, not under this group of county commissioner's."

"For the person who was looking for a way to remove rust and oil from his clothing. Lemon juice and salt. Several applications of the lemon juice and salt on the clothing perhaps maybe for two days, three applications per day."

"I live in Smithsburg and I am looking for a community service organization that may be collecting aluminum cans. I have bags and bags of them that I have been saving for years and I am looking for someone to come and pick them up for a good cause. Leave your number in Mail Call and I will get back with you."

"To the person who has the Campbell Soup labels. St. Mary's School collects them and would appreciate them very much."

"I read in our paper where a Canadian was driving a truck in West Virginia and killed a man. He couldn't speak English. If you can't speak our language, stay out of our country."

"I have a suggestion for all the Bester parents, instead of driving your car a couple of blocks to pick up your child, put on your walking shoes and enjoy the sunshine and walk to get them, then the traffic wouldn't be a problem."

"Is it true that most of the school bus drivers are planning a sick out day the last two days of school? How are the kids going to get to school?"

"I am calling concerning the yard sale in Colonial Park, it is May 2 and May 3."

"For the lady who had the question about what to do with a torn and tattered American flag. You can take it to any VFW, American Legion or any Veterans Post, they usually have ceremonies a few times a year when they dispose of the flags."

"Do you mean that we pay Tim Rowland to write a column that we can't even understand?"

"Since Hardees' on Pennsylvania Avenue is now closed, does anyone know if there is going to be another type of fast food restaurant going to go in there?"

"I was wondering, with all the money that they found over there that was Saddam's, millions and millions of dollars, why can't they build their own country back up. Could you answer that for me Mr. Bush."

"The yard sale at Colonial Park is May 2 and May 3 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m."

"Does anyone know where I can get a wheelchair, a potty or a walker for my sister who is coming out of a nursing home soon? Call Mail Call and I will be watching for your response."

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