Letters to the editor - 4/28/03

April 28, 2003

A fitting tribute to Harry Warner

To the editor:

In a charming article ("Harry Warner's parallel universe," Monday March 31), your Arnold S. Platou recounted his bemused discovery that former Herald-Mail newsman Harry Warner, Jr., recently deceased, was an award-winning, world-famed member of the science fiction community.

Warner's prominence has not been exaggerated. Within hours of the public announcement of Harry's death, the sad news was being discussed in electronic venues from Australia to Sweden.

He has been such a part of our field for so long that it seemed he would be with us forever. (Sixty-five years? That's not too long!) Even those who had clashed with him on various topics were distressed to hear of his passing, and tributes to him will continue to appear for months.

With all due respect to the fine folks of Washington County, for many people across this planet the most famous person in greater Hagerstown was Harry Warner Jr.; and the most important thing about The Herald-Mail was that it provided him with employment for all those years.


As one of Harry's many admirers (and the son of a newsman myself) I wanted to thank you for publishing this article, and assure you that this caring piece about one of The Herald-Mail's own has itself drawn attention all over the world.

Michael J. Lowrey
Sunrise Book & Software Reviews
Milwaukee, Wis.

Don't allow them to smear Scott

To the editor:

I am disgusted at the cowardly attempts to hurt the reputation of a good man - Scott Blanchard. Blanchard is challenging the sitting Franklin County Commissioners in the Republican primary election on May 20. I can't believe that the "old boy network" in Chambersburg would stoop so low as to smear Scott in an attempt to discredit him and the CROPS group.

I'm a member of CROPS and Blanchard has been one of the primary reasons that citizens of our communities have spoken out against the spreading of human waste on land near us.

Joining hands with our neighbors on this issue has created a real sense of solidarity and community. Blanchard's leadership and willingness to support us has been invaluable.

I thought this was a democracy. I thought citizens had the right to speak out and challenge corporations and the those making money from spreading sludge on land. I hope I wasn't wrong about that. Those intent on smearing Blanchard's name lead me to believe that Franklin County government needs to be overhauled.

I think that Blanchard is the right person to do it. I'm asking everyone I know to vote for Blanchard on May 20 in the Republican primary elections in Franklin County. I don't think that Franklin County voters can afford not to.

Jim Windhorst

A great city

To the editor:

For the second year in a row we have visited your city for the Hagerstown Kiwanis Ice Hockey tournament. Each year we leave impressed with your hospitality and look forward to our next visit. Playing at the Hagerstown Ice Arena is only one piece of our enjoyable experience.

This year the Prince William Hockey Club from Dale City, Va., sent more thanr 60 families to Hagerstown this past weekend. Most families stayed in hotels for two nights, ate in local restaurants from Friday night through Sunday evening, and in between games visited nearby attractions, went to movies, shopping, bowling, among other activities. We have another 15 families coming this weekend for another tournament.

The common thread in all of the families I have spoken with, is that no matter who went where, everyone had positive comments regarding their activities and weekend stay in Hagerstown. From hotel and restaurant staff to people we met on the street, we all agree on the courteousness and helpfulness of your citizens. We thank you for a wonderful weekend of family entertainment.

We would also like to thank Carl Langford from the ice arena for a great tournament. Carl is a tremendous goodwill agent for Hagerstown. Thanks also to the Kiwanis Club for their sponsorship. Fred Nugent from your local Kiwanis Club is a terrific ambassador of kindness and support. Carl and Fred go the extra mile and fulfill one Kiwanis objective of providing a practical means to form enduring friendships, render altruistic service and build better communities.

The entire Hagerstown community has much to be proud of, and the Hagerstown Kiwanis Ice Hockey Tournament is one of them.

Chris Layman
Coach, Prince William
Hockey Club
Warrenton, Va.

Ensembles enjoyed

To the editor:

In this time of world turmoil, a wonderful event was held in Hagerstown recently. It was the Western Maryland Large Ensemble Festival sponsored by Washington County Public Schools.

Friday night featured half a dozen school orchestras and Saturday showcased a dozen concert bands. It is an outstanding opportunity for the students to perform and receive assessment from adjudicators.

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