Gypsy moth treatment plans

April 27, 2003

Maryland and West Virginia will spray chemicals this year to control gypsy moths, but Pennsylvania will not.

For most land, Bt, a bacteria-based pesticide, or Dimilin, a chemical insect growth regulator, will be used.

Maryland plans to spray 14,077 acres this year.

Three portions of the south end of Washington County will be sprayed, a total of 115 acres.

  • Dimilin will be sprayed on a tract in South Mountain State Park, west of Reno Monument, just inside the Frederick County border.

  • Dimilin will be sprayed on a tract near Stone Row Lane, just east of the Bent Willow Farms development off Md. 67, between Rohrersville and Gapland.

  • Bt will be sprayed on the west side of Chestnut Grove Road, north of where it meets Trego Mountain Road, west of Gapland.

In Frederick County, 12 tracts will be sprayed this year, a total of 969 acres.

West Virginia plans to spray 4,256 acres this year. The state will spray Dimilin on 891 acres in Berkeley County and 56 acres in Morgan County. Jefferson County will not be sprayed.


Neither Maryland nor West Virginia had drawn up a spraying schedule as of last week. Officials said spraying might begin in the next few weeks, depending on the weather.

West Virginia residents can call Quentin "Butch" Sayers, the gypsy moth program manager for the state Department of Agriculture, for an update. His office number is 1-304-788-1066.

Maryland residents can check on spraying at the state Department of Agriculture's Web site (, under "gypsy moth suppression program") or by calling 1-800-492-2106.

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