Charley Reese: Should he stay or should he go?

April 24, 2003

Too many Americans are willing to accept the message the government spins without question. We need someone who can present the reverse side of the situation. Agreed, sometimes Mr. Reese's harping about Israel gets tiring but even that, at times, is a point to ponder.

Perhaps I am too cynical about our politicians, not merely the present administration but all politicians, after all I have been around for more than 75 years, but I think it is a good thing we have a dissenting view. Otherwise we might as well be sheep. Keep his column. If people don't want to read it, they don't have to.

- Hagerstown

I vote to keep his column.

While I disagree with his current series, he is up front about his biases and his columns provoke thought even though one may disagree. It makes you think about why you disagree.

My only thoughts have been why there seems to have been more of his columns recently, but they may only seem more frequent. Also, here has been a noticeable lack of diverse opinions from his published. Maybe there are none available.


This furor makes one wonder why the proponents of tolerance are not rising up to protect him during this time and makes one wonder if they are having trouble practicing their own philosophy.

- Waynesboro, Pa.

My vote is to keep Charley Reese's column. I disagree with almost everything he says, but he makes me think. And it is quite a surprise when I agree with him.

- Hagerstown

Continuing to run the Charley Reese columns turns out to be an embarrassment for your paper. His columns are nothing more than anti-Semitic, anti-President Bush and anti-America hate speech. In no way does the column represent so-called balance for your opinion page.

You would do yourself proud by dropping this obscenity from your pages.

- Shepherdstown, W.Va.

Charley Reese needs to go! I have been continually disgusted with his virulent anti-Semitism, his grotesque Civil War revisionism, and his vicious lies about our country. (This from a man who lies about what he looks like. I saw him on a talk show recently and that old man was unrecognizable as the middle-aged Reese in your paper.) I'm glad to hear so many Washington County citizens are as disgusted as I am!

- Williamsport

You asked, so here is my opinion. Charley Reese should stay. His views may differ from the majority of people out here in rural Maryland, but isn't that the objective of an Editorial Page. If you conducted a poll on what kind of news the people wanted, can you imagine the joke your newspaper would be?

Be responsible! Give us all the news, even varying opinions, and do so without bias.

- Hagerstown

Please do not cancel this voice of knowledge and reason. Please continue to give us both sides of the many issues confronting us today.

Although I do not necessarily agree with him 100 percent of the time - mostly concerning Israel and the PLO issue - he is an excellent and very informative writer.

His articles concerning the war and this administration, etc. are acts which I find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find elsewhere.

- Rye, N.H.

Please keep Charley Reese. I find it refreshing to read opposing points of view in the paper. Although his stance on Israel annoys me, as does his love of the Confederacy, I have the option of not reading his column if I so choose. This country's freedoms are based on our right to free expression. Sometimes it takes courage to stand up against established beliefs.

- Chambersburg, Pa.

KEEP CHARLIE!!! We need to hear all voices, even those we don't agree with. What a narrow life we'd live if we stomped out all views but our own. Charlie makes us think, shout, cuss, and sometimes shake our heads in agreement. Debate of the issues is a very good, and very American thing.

Thank you for asking.

- Hagerstown

I think Mr. Reese is not well. His negativity and cynicism have so clouded his judgment, he no longer sounds rational. Drop him!

- Hagerstown

I disagree with Charley Reese about 75 percent of the time. However, anyone who loves squirrels (and can also write wonderful newspaper columns about them) and who doesn't worship at the feet of George W. Bush and his crowd, can't be all bad. So please don't say: "Sorry, Charley!"

- Middletown, Md.

I believe in people expressing their opinions. However, Charley Reese goes beyond opinion and degrades our leaders, our form of government and ideals set forth by our founders. The Newspapers In the Education program subjects our students to his un-American beliefs and values.

His articles are not food for thought, but food for hate. There is enough of that inherent in the news and we do not need Charley to pile it on. Replace him.

- Hagerstown

Why would you even consider removing Charley Reese ? Are the right-wingers so afraid of hearing the truth? Stay with Charley and eliminate the letters from those certain right-wingers who take up most of your space. You know who I mean.

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