Mail Call for 4/23

April 24, 2003

"God bless our troops and their commander in Chief, President George Bush."

"Why would Tim Rowland feel compelled to run such a disgusting column in last week's paper? Did he have writer's block? Doesn't anyone at the paper have any control over his topics? We are subjected to enough garbage these days."

"In Sunday's Letters to the Editor, writer Charles Sullivan says that 51 cents of every tax dollar goes to the Pentagon. That is absolutely wrong. My source is the Congressional Budget Office, Division of the United States Government and the numbers are closer to 18 to 20 percent of tax dollars are spent on the Department of Defense. I can also say thank God that we have a strong defense. If you are going to write a letter to the editor, you should at least take some time to check your facts because your facts are completely wrong."


"This is for parents of students in Washington County Public Schools. Report cards will be distributed on Friday, April 25, so if you are interested in your child's progress, be sure to ask them to show you their report cards."

"St. Mary's Catholic School on West Washington Street collects Campbell's Soup labels, any Campbell's labels. They would be very happy to receive any Campbell's labels that you may have."

"Devil's Backbone is a very nice place to fish, but for some odd reason, people who fish leave their trash along the road and leave a complete eyesore. We would appreciate it if the fishermen would take into consideration the beauty of the park and take their trash home with them. This is from a concerned passer-by."

"Did I read the article in the paper right? Did the judge really let the lady who was accused of taking money from the bank go on vacation with an unsecured bail?"

"With spring coming, I just think that the grass and the trees are beautiful, but I just think that the trash out at Devil's Backbone from the fishermen or whoever parties there is repulsive."

"To the person saying that the vet is going to get the shaft after they come back from Iraq. That has always been the case hasn't it? If you remember when Jimmy Carter gave amnesty to the draft dodgers who came back to our country without any penalty. Point two is, didn't O'Reilly in the April 20 column, hit the nail right on the head about what the problem is in this country?"

"Concerning the bad traffic at Bester Elementary. I was a bus driver too and I used to drive there. It was just terrible. Not that I blame the parents because the parents have to be there to pick their children up when there is no bus there to pick them up. Why there aren't any buses to pick them up is because the Board of Education doesn't pay the drivers good money. Then you can be so sick and they don't want to let you off. Get more buses and if they could keep their drivers, there probably wouldn't be a problem there. I don't see why a child would have to walk to school. I think it's dangerous. I am so thankful for those parents who go there to pick their child up, so they don't have to walk."

"Well I said the last time, if this person's mother-in-law is so unhappy here why don't they go back to France?"

"Boonsboro Elementary School is collecting Campbell's soup labels, but if the school isn't near you, then call the schools close to where you live and ask them if they are collecting them."

"To Gary Caudill's mom: I saw your Easter tribute in the paper and immediately recognized Gary's picture. Although I never really knew him, I cared for him many times at Suburban Hospital, including his last night there. I wanted you to know that he touched our lives, too."

"Thanks to the woman who gave me $2 at CVS Pharmacy on Wilson Boulevard on Monday Night. I was low on cash, but it turns out that CVS over- charged me, they charged me for two items. I am sorry that you weren't in the parking lot so I could have given you the money back, when I did figure it out. God bless you and thank you."

"Broadfording Christian Academy will accept all Campbell's Soup labels and all Campbell's product labels. The address is 13535 Broadfording Christian Road."

"Hickory Elementary and Williamsport Methodist Church both collect Campbell's Soup labels."

"I want to know if someone could put something in Mail Call about when the annual yard sale is in Colonial Park East?"

"What ever happened to the hometown people that you can trust about sending back the Hazmat money that they collected or do we have to call the Attorney General again to get on the case and get that money out to us.? It has been way over time."

"Our American flag is getting torn and tattered and we would like to replace it. Does anyone know of the proper way to dispose of the old one?"

"It would be helpful if supermarkets would have more than one wheelchair to accommodate the elderly and disabled."

"This is the person who wanted the pine cones. My number is 301-739-0061. The best time to call me is after 6 p.m."

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