Mail Call for 4/22

April 23, 2003

"For the man who needs to get the rust and oil stain out of his pants. You should go to the Dollar Store and get a bottle of Awesome and spray the area and let it sit for about an hour and then wash the pants in regular wash."

"Please support 9/11 families. Call Gov. Ehrlich's office at 1-410-974-3591 to veto House Bill 838 to keep illegal aliens from getting a Maryland driver's license. The terrorists of the 9/11 attack had over 60 different driver's licenses. We need your support, please help today."

"I am responding to the April 17 Mail Call from the person who said their mother-in-law is from France and she is a greater person than you Americans will ever be. I have one word for that person, deportation. Send him over to France and you will know how arrogant the people are over there. I spent five years over in that area and I have never felt as disgusted as I did when I spent that five years over. They have no right to refuse us and if it weren't for us, there wouldn't even be a France. I am sure I am one of millions who feel the same way. You should rethink what you are saying."


"To the lady who has the mother-in-law from France: If she is such a great person and France is such a great country, what is she doing here? Let her go back. They don't like us, so why should we bother with them?"

"To the person with the French mother-in-law, if it weren't for the United States, she would be your German mother in law. Don't forget that."

"To the woman whose mother-in-law is from France. If you think France is better than the U.S., than move back there. We don't want you here anyway."

"In response to the letter to the editor 'Danger at Bester.' I live in the Smithsburg area and my children walk to school and if it's unsafe for your children to walk to Bester than it would be unsafe for every child that has to walk to school. I am sure that there are hazards for every child even if they are waiting at a bus stop, but you knew when you moved, that your child would have to walk to school. I knew that when I moved to Smithsburg. Why should you think that you should get extra things at the school?"

"Does anyone really think that it's right for Bush to take $98 million from our vets that saved our country and now give everything to Iraq? Then they will be giving the women in that country, 100 percent health coverage when a lot of us women here in the United States can't afford insurance."

"To the person who was complaining about the United States and her mother-in-law is from France. All I have to say is that if you are so unhappy and miserable because we don't want to name a city after France. They were against us in this war and we helped them before, then maybe you should get two tickets for you and your mother-in-law and move back to France."

"To the man interviewed in the paper on the question about the sister city in France. He said, 'he thought maybe they would get to know us better and we would get to know them better.' We don't have to know them better, we supported France in World War II and helped protect them from the dictator Adolf Hitler. When we asked for support to stop the terrorist leader Saddam, they turned their back on us. President Bush did not back down and Saddam was stopped. Now France is calling back asking for friendship. Let the sister city in France find a sister city in Germany where they will not have a problem getting to know each other better. They will probably understand each other perfectly."

"Across from the county building where there is parking on the other side, I noticed that there is a lot of nails, tack, glass and other sharp items in those parking spots. Please do a cleaning of that area."

"About the accident that happened on Wednesday on Interstate 81, just before the Potomac bridge in West Virginia. The driver of the truck could not speak English. Can anyone explain to me why the United States of America allows foreign people who can't speak English to drive our vehicles? What is wrong with our lawmakers?"

"Just imagine someone called in and wanted to know what a transfer tax was. You should have called in months ago, that is how our commissioners and legislators get away with this stuff on us. People are unaware and uninformed, then later on they will be screaming about it."

"This is Staci and I was calling to thank you for the wonderful comment you made about my column, 'Around South Hagerstown.' It's such a pleasure to be able to do it. Thanks for picking up my spirits."

"I would like to thank Troop 69's division of the Cub Scouts for helping me out with my yard sale and for helping the Girl Scouts."

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