Letters to the editor 4/20

April 21, 2003

Lower city parking fees

To the editor:

I read your piece on raising parking fees. I must say, our Hagerstown leaders are on the verge of silly. This area needs policies that make sense, and raising taxes on parking fees is stupid and quite miscalculated.

Here's an easy solution to collecting more fees and increasing downtown business: Don't collect any meter money at all. Just set up the meters so those who park turn the meter dial and get two free hours of parking. If the meter expires, fine the violator $35.

We all know it's not efficient for the city to collect meter money to start with. This idea is pro-business, pro-Hagerstown, and efficiently eliminates:

1. The cost of most meter repairs

2. The meter collectors' salaries, and the loss of down-town business due to meter annoyance. Well, please think about this idea. I would hope the city leadership could come up with creative ideas like this, but I guess I was wrong.


Brian Foltz

Victory is ours

To the editor:

A great leader said, "Tolerance is the last virtue of a depraved society." Let's think on this a moment. Do we not endure all kinds of negatives? Rebellion against authority. Lack of manners, respect and good old common sense. Injustice carried out under the guise of freedom.

Our society could do with a shot of dignity.

War has begun whether we like it or not. Our government and our military need all the support we can give. Certainly we want to be worthy of the sacrifices our dear troops are making, fighting for the very freedoms we abuse.

Opinions, differences, inflated egos must be put on hold or our nation runs the risk of weakening and collapsing from within. God forbid such an occurrence. Our nation was blessed beyond compare because we acknowledged the sovereignty of God almighty. Let us not abandon this truth. Let us admit we can't make it on our own. We need him so we can go forth and make this a better, safer world in which to live. May God not only bless, but have mercy on America, land of the free, and the home of the brave. Many tears are being shed for her. Victory is ahead.

Frances Moats

More on SEK

To the editor:

I am writing as a follow up to the recent article regarding Smith Elliott Kearns & Company LLC, observing the firm's 40-year anniversary that was featured in the Sunday, March 30, edition of The Herald-Mail. I would like to thank The Herald-Mail and Andrew Schotz for the reporting of the firm's history.

I feel I would be remiss in my role as managing partner if I did not offer some additional background information. Merle Elliott, Earl Smith and Ron Kearns provided leadership to the organization over the 40-year history and, along with other partners, participate in professional and civic organizations in our local communities, as well as state and national organizations.

The partners in Hagerstown, in addition to me, are Jef Bohn, Jerry Bullington, Bill Fritts, Mike Manspeaker, Duane May, David Oswald and Sandra Tillou. The Chambersburg office has seven partners: Scott Drake, Jake Kaufman, Brad Kearns, Ron Kearns, Paul Luka, Scot Orndorff and Phil Ritchie. The Carlisle office has two partners, Joel Flinchbaugh and Steve Kaufman. The two partners in the Hanover office are John Schnitzer and Chris Distefano. Other partners retired from active practice are John Beair Jr., Charles Willhide and Dave Fisher.

Another important factor in the firm's growth and success is the highly qualified staff who live and work in our communities, and who also participate in many civic and community programs.

One final thought, and perhaps the most important, our partners and staff would like to thank our clients for their confidence in selecting SEK & Co. to be their trusted business advisor.

Edward L. Buchanan IV
Managing Partner
Smith Elliott Kearns & Co., LLC

Let protesters congratulate our troops

To the editor:

It is so amazing to see the faces and the celebration of the Iraqi people. The people of Iraq have now had their first taste of something we take for granted every day - freedom. Despite the liberal attempts to halt the liberation of these people, President Bush, Prime Minister Blair and the brave coalition forces have prevailed.

The protesters are now free to return to their classrooms and their fantasy world of socialism. I know that it's probably asking too much, but these very protesters need to assemble one last time. They need to assemble to welcome home the men and women of our armed forces.

They need to thank each and every one of them for preserving their right to protest and make fools of themselves. The anti-Bush crowd needs to get over the 2000 election and support this President instead of hindering his every move. And maybe, just maybe, liberals need to open their minds and listen for once. You know, just like we illiterate conservatives do!

Rob Butler

You can help

To the editor:

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