Money Q&A - Kathy J. Harple

April 21, 2003


Head of the Pre-press Department, Tri-State Printing Inc.

Member, Hagerstown-Washington County Chamber of Commerce's Ambassadors Committee.

Member, Chamber's Casino Night Committee.

Member, Sunrise Rotary.

Born: June 12, 1953.

Family: Husband, Tom; daughter, Dayna Gregory, 26.

Education: South Hagerstown High School, Class of 1971.

Favorite part of your job: "Working with customers."

Least favorite part of your job: "The technical end of it. Programming the computers."


Biggest challenge of your job: "Keeping up with the technology as it changes."

Fantasy job: "Pretty much what I have, but ... having the opportunity to be more creative."

Favorite music: Blues.

Favorite car: "The old '60s Mustangs, the old muscle cars."

Type of car you drive now: Ford Explorer.

Last book read: "Probably a Stephen King novel, 'Bag of Bones.' "

Last movie seen: "The Pianist."

Hobbies: "Play guitar and pottery."

What was your first job? "I worked in a jewelry store. I worked at Melart Jewelers in the Long Meadow Shopping Center."

If you could meet anyone in history, who would it be? "Maybe Ernest Hemingway. I've read a little bit of his stuff in the past and I just think he had a unique outlook on life."

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