Mail Call for 4/18

April 19, 2003

"It is Tuesday evening and I just watched the last part of the Washington County Board of Education's meeting on Channel 99. I am astonished at this world class public school system and the amount of Uh's that they use. It really bothers me that we expect so much from the teachers and the students and the higher up's think they can say Uh in about every third word that they say."

"Can anyone tell me what a Transfer tax is?"

"Why is it that people with higher positions or higher salaries in some businesses don't have to pay for health insurance for themselves or their families? But those with lower positions have to chip in for theirs'. Does that make any sense. Should the higher ups have to pay for some of their benefits too?"

"As a registered Democrat I would like to express my concerns over the way the Democratic party is going. Local leaders need to realize that this is a conservative county and we don't view the ways of Hollywood."


"In response to the caller who said about their Cable Internet Access Speed has noticeable declined, I have not experienced any decrease in connection speed on the Antietam Cable. Perhaps it's your computer. You can run a speed test by going to Mine tested 878 kilobytes per second, it is usually 15 to 20 times as fast as dial up service."

"Concerning the school system and the budget. If these people were so concerned about the children, they would revoke some of those outrageous salary increases from years back and re-divert that money."

"I have a question. I would like to know if anyone knows when Boonsboro is going to get straightened out. Funkstown is so beautiful and Boonsboro is so torn up."

"Whoever said that we don't need Kindergarten must have a screw loose."

"This is Barbara and I am calling about the sister city that the mayor wants. Everyone is calling in against what he wants. I think now he knows how we feel. So let it drop now, let's have something more interesting in here. Think about something else to do. I will never vote for you ever again."

"What a great job these men in Boonsboro has done in cleaning up the curbside stuff that people sat out on the curb this week. I think everyone should recognize them for it."

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