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Mail Call for 4/17

April 18, 2003

"Since there has been so many negative comments regarding a city in France that our mayor wants as a sister city, I would like to speak in favor of the proposal. Knowledge about other countries and cultures are very important in today's world. The exchange of students offers us an excellent opportunity to learn and visiting another country is always educational. At the present time, there has been a serious decline in our country's diplomatic relations with many of our allies. But we should remember that it is the future that counts."

"I want to say what a fantastic job Staci Clipp does for her editorial in Monday's paper for 'Around South Hagerstown.' She really covers a lot of territory and does a fabulous job. Keep up the good work."

"There was a person who wanted some pine cones, a few months ago in Mail Call. I lost their phone number. I now have some. If you would put your name and number back in Mail Call I will call you."


"To the mayor of Hagerstown, I think you need to call President Bush and ask him what he thinks about Hagerstown, Md. becoming a sister to France. They wouldn't help us, so we don't need to be over there. You lost my vote Breichner."

"To the man who has the rust and oil on his light colored pants, soak them in lemon juice and salt water over night. Then after that apply Dawn dish liquid to the oil and that should remove the stain."

"I want to call attention to an article by Jeff Semler on D4 in April 15 paper. I would like for all the community leaders and other members of the community to read it and think about it."

"The Holy Grounds Coffee House and Café would like to invite everyone out to a free Christian Youth Concert Friday April 18, 7 to 10 p.m. It's free, The location is the Walkerhoo Grange Hall on Rt. 40 near Huyett's Crossroad. Any additional information, call 301-393-4773. Thank you."

"My mother-in-law is from France and she is a greater person than you American's will ever be. Just because they disagree with the all mighty United States, doesn't make them so horrible. It is totally ridiculous to change the name of French Fries because of a disagreement. This type of stupidity just goes to show you why so many countries hate the US."

"I think we should have a Kohl's store or an Olive Gardens. There are so many empty buildings around, make use of them."

"Today there is $280 billion in uncollected income tax. You and I pay our taxes, it is time to abolish the IRS and replace it with a consumption tax. Join us, please call 1-800-FAIRTAX or on the Web at

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