Mail Call for 4/16

April 17, 2003

"Sunday, April 13 around 9 p.m. a cat was killed on Day Road behind the Four Points. It was a Persian cat, I covered it up and put it to the side. It looked like it may have been a house cat. It was a beautiful cat."

"Liberty cabbage in place of sauerkraut, come on people, get a life!"

"How about having security in the parking lot in the Garland Groh Shopping Center, not just in the Wal-mart lot, but in the entire parking lot. It would make everyone feel much safer, especially when they see strange people hanging around in their cars."

"I am a young woman and I went over the weekend to the Weiss Shopping Center and I was approached by a man sitting in his car eating his lunch. He made a nice comment about me as far as my looks. But I am concerned when a total stranger asked me where I live. Monday, I seen the same man sitting in his car, eating his lunch and I am thinking, OK maybe this man is harmless, but then again maybe he isn't."


"I am calling in regards to the little boy with the deer. Did he get to keep the deer or not?"

"I found a pair of reading glasses on Stone Valley Drive. I placed them on the Brick Pillar out front."

"No sister city in France. They have cheated us with every war we have ever been in. Make a sister city in Holland, we have a few Dutch people living around here."

"I am calling about the registration fee that they was talking about for the Trauma Center. I don't think it's right, because what about the people who live in Maryland and use West Virginia license plates?"

"I deal with the Food Lion on Sharpsburg Pike and there is a man that works there named Ken. He should be recognized because he scrubs all the floors and washes all the windows and he does a great job."

"Hagerstown is in Washington County, Cumberland is in Allegheny County and Baltimore City is in Baltimore County."

"I am calling in response to the people who responded to the woman looking for information about Baltimore County. Baltimore City is the only independent city in Maryland. I hope the newspaper and schools do a better job of educating our people about this wonderful state, but Ft. McHenry, the Zoo, the Inner Harbor, none of these are in Baltimore County they are in Baltimore City."

"My name is David and I am calling in response to the most recent article in Sunday's paper about John Munson, about Kindergarten not being needed. I would like to ask Mr. Munson if he went to Kindergarten and did you benefit from it? My mother spent 48 years with Washington County Board of Education as a teacher, a principal and assistant principal. She started the Title I program and the Reading Resources Program in Washington County and she knows and I know that Kindergarten is where the informative years begin."

"Please mayor, no sister city with France."

"I am the only stay at home mom in my neighborhood. I am telling you we need Kindergarten. Children learn so much more than we did back in the 70s. For all the people who are going to work, they are going to have to stick their kids in Daycare for another year. That's ridiculous. What they learn in Kindergarten compared to what they learn in day care is totally different. Kindergarten is way more than daycare. Children learn a lot more these days than we ever did. We need Kindergarten."

"Someone was asking how to get in touch with a county commissioner here in Washington County, the number to call is 240-313-2200 and when you get to the menu option, press number two to reach the county commissioner's. You will then be given a list of the secretary and the various commissioner's names and which number to push to get in touch with them."

"I have never read such foolish statements about France and Germany in Mail Call. Why don't we do business in China anymore, they were against the war too. We can stop buying from China and trading with China and in about six to seven months out economy would totally collapse. This is a world economy now, we rely on everyone in this world, that is how or economy grows."

"I want to thank Boy Scout Troop 97 for raking up my yard the other day. I am crippled and stuck in my house. Thank you Boys."

"Could someone who is in charge of the City Park Softball fields, level out the infields and mow the grass? There are now 75 players who are now a member of a league that is paying the city for a permit to use the fields. But someone is going to get injured if they don't do something."

"To the person that wanted to know about the State of Maryland. The mini page in Sunday, April 13 paper, has everything from A to Z on the State of Maryland."

- Hagerstown

"In just a few years we have gone from Bill and Monica to George and Jessica and from killer Saddam to General Tom. Thank God."

"Thanks Funkstown for planting all the flowering trees. A drive through your town now is like passing through a beautiful pink and white cloud."

- Boonsboro

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