Letters to the editor - 4/16/03

April 16, 2003

Act fast to save the county

To the editor:

I am a nurse who commutes to work three hours each day. I do this because I love the rural area of Washington County. I used virtually all of my savings to buy an historic house in Rohrersville, built around 1790. Both my house and my lifestyle are about to be irreversibly changed by uncontrolled development. Because you see, developers have purchased more than 200 acres around my home and if developers are not held off until the comprehensive plan is in place, my historic home may as well be a tract house.

I write this letter now because I believe the County Commissioners face an historic opportunity to shape the future of this county. The real question is what kind of county we want to live in and leave to our children and our grandchildren.

If we want to maintain the beauty of the Appalachian Trail, Civil War historic sites, and all our wonderful treasures here, the commissioners should vote their conscience and keep the moratorium in place until the comprehensive plan can be implemented.


Once the plan is implemented, then growth will still be allowed, but growth that preserves the natural beauty of our area. If we fail to implement the plan, then I fear that my backyard will soon be indistinguishable from the suburban sprawl that characterizes nearby counties.

If the commissioners and Planning Commission are serious about preserving Washington County and its heritage, we need to get the rezoning work done, keep the moratorium in place and implement the comprehensive plan.

Janet M. York

Peter Arnett just had to go

To the editor:

As a veteran of Operation Desert Storm who endured the journalistic vitriol of Peter Arnett during that war, I applaud the firing of "The Voice of Baghdad." Like Jane Fonda in the Vietnam War, his histrionics come perilously close to giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Since the days of Major General William Sherman, military commanders have disdained the presence of media personnel in combat zones. They - obviously - divulge secrets amid their reporting. I would urge all "embedded" ( they need a better term ! ) journalists to exercise common sense, prudent judgment, and moral restraint in their battlefront reporting. Such sensation seekers as Peter Arnett only demean journalism as a whole - and endanger military personnel through spurious "reporting."

Let's have a lot more respect for those troops who fight, bleed, and die to protect their right (or privilege) to so report.

Joe Hammell
Waynesboro, Pa.

A stand for God

To the editor:

I thank God for men who are not walking around with a "jelly-fish" backbone which enables them to just follow the crowd regardless if its modern-day beliefs are right or wrong, and just vote yes on issues just to keep the backing of the majority.

America has become so blinded spiritually and morally, to where we willfully want to ignore God's continuous hand-writing on the wall. That is why it's so important for the furtherance of God's great blessings (instead of his wrath) on this country, that Christians continue to lift up our leaders to God in prayer.

They do not need to be influenced by the almighty dollar bill, nor by the elite Hollywood crowd, both of which both have plunged the moral fiber of America to the bottom of the barrel.

So thanks, Mr. Myers, for voting against slot machines in this great state. May your tribe increase. May you ask and seek for Godly wisdom, knowledge and discernment when making decisions which affect all of us. Don't be afraid to stand alone if need be. God is just a prayer away.

Nancy Martin

A sister city in Afghanistan?

To the editor:

Justified or not, there seems to be substantial opposition to forming a Sister City partnership with Saumur, France.

Perhaps it would be more beneficial to form such a relationship with Herat or Ghazni or another city in Afghanistan.These fierce, proud people still need our help and could benefit from such a relationship, as we could benefit from getting to know, and learning about, them.

We could even learn a little Pashtun or Uzbek in order to communicate and gain a greater understanding of their lives. On a larger scale, Afghanistan has 32 provinces as we have 50 states. If such a voluntary citizen alliance were realized, the Taliban's influence would be negligible. Let us not forget them again.

William R. Reel

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