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April 15, 2003

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We're waiting for your calls.


"I was reading the article about Mr. Munson with the kindergarten. I totally agree with him. I was in the store the other day and gave a boy a $10 bill and 30 cents. My order was $7.30. He didn't know what to do with it. So putting them in kindergarten obviously isn't helping them. Why should the taxpayers pay for something that obviously doesn't help?"

"I agree with Munson about kindergarten and Head Start. When I was growing up, you didn't have kindergarten or Head Start, that is why they have first grade teachers. The kids and parents aren't together enough now as it is when they are small. It's like they just shove them out of the house. It's a big waste of taxpayers' money."

"Regarding the teacher's request for additional money for the school system. Claude Sasse was quoted recently that we are paying the third lowest salary in the state to our teachers. I wonder where we rank in per capita income in this county compared to the rest of the state. It seems that the board and the teachers want to be paid like the people who live in Montgomery and Prince George's County, but live and reap all the benefits that we offer in Washington County. It would be nice for all of us to do that, but I don't think it's going to happen. So please, Commissioners, show some fiscal restraint and courage and reject this request."

"What a joke. You hear on the news now that we would like to have the U.N. come in with a peacekeeping force in Iraq. Oh, no, if I would be the U.N., I would tell the United States and Great Britain to just forget it. They started this war so let them finish, even if we have to occupy the place for five to 10 years."

"Please tell Mr. Breichner, no way to a sister city in France."

"For the responders to the other person about the Baltimore County information. The Zoo, the Inner Harbor and the Aquarium are not in Baltimore County, they are in Baltimore City. There is a big difference. Also besides the I-70 information center, there is an information center right in the square."

"This has got to be a late April Fool's joke. I don't believe what I just read. On the front page of the Wednesday, April 9, Daily Mail, there is an article about making a city in France a sister city to Hagerstown. Doesn't our mayor and council remember the war in Iraq? The French are our enemies. That's right, they were against us in everything we tried to do. We want no part of this ridiculous idea. What an insult this would be to our military service men and women who fought and died in this war. Let Saumur find a sister city in North Korea or China, because that is where their real friends live. Let me repeat myself. This must be a late April Fool's joke, right?"

"I wish people who are driving in bad weather would stop driving so close to the person in front of them."

"I want to make a comment about the Democratic committee letting a bill die or never let it even get to the floor about making criminals who use guns responsible for their actions. It seems like the Democrats want to take away gun rights from law-abiding citizens instead of putting the blame into the hands of the person who committed the crime with a gun. It seems that they want to sue everyone else, except they don't want to punish the criminal that used the gun."

"To Mr. Munson, there is more to kindergarten than baby-sitting. Why don't you come and visit my classroom. It's reading, writing, counting, doing math, it is more than baby-sitting."

"With all the problems with John Munson and people say how did he ever get elected. It's easy, people didn't read their ballets carefully enough. They saw the last name Munson and confused him with the good candidate Don Munson. I would hope that in the next election this doesn't happen again."

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