Letters to the editor 4/13

April 14, 2003

Charley sorry

To the editor:

I am sending this e-mail to inform you that I am extremely disappointed that The Morning Herald continues to publish the trash written by Charley Reese.

Every column is another irresponsible piece of trash attacking President Bush. The man is never objective and is seldom troubled by the truth.

His column drips hatred for our president and frankly has no journalist value. If he remains a columnist for the Herald, I will be canceling my subscription to the Herald.

James Guthrie
Falling Waters, W.Va.

Moratorium should stay

To the editor:

I have been made aware by neighbours of the possibility that the rural subdivision moratorium enacted by the Washington County Commissioners may be lifted in the future. Hopefully, the commissioners will keep the moratorium in place until the comprehensive plan can be implemented.


Should the moritorium be lifted prior to implementation, we can look forward to rapid , uncontrolled growth as seen in neighboring Frederick, Howard and Montgomery counties. Do we really want to look like these counties?

Do we really want to have Md. 67 and U.S. 340 resemble 1-270? Go to the Web site to see how rapidly and densely Md. 67 is developing.

We need to prevent special interests from undermining the vision of the rural legacy and preservation and environmental areas outlined in the comprehensive plan The moratorium should be left in place until all ordinance amendments and zoning changes have been approved and adopted.

Wendy Garcia

Disabled must take action

To the editor:

In response to Bob Maginnis' March 30 column on the disabled community: Yes, we're an important part of the community and contributions we can make are needed. I also agree that cooperation, negotiation and education are important, vital to the success.

But change is not easy - and what happens does remain to be seen. One person is never effective alone. Several points I add as an addendum and clarification:

1. The survey done recently by the county's disabilities advisory committee is not valid, both because of the few responses, and the questions asked. (Sometimes they were too abstract and sometimes too hard to understand, especially for us disabled).

Let's get an identification of this community first - i.e., a valid survey. As for response to questions we had on the survey, the telephone method is the least effective method of scientific data study: The personal interview is more effective then the written survey.

Then yes, some work (as an adjunct) can be used. Large print? Most of my diabetic, blind friends found this irrelevant and superfluous. A potentially good study and good idea, but let's also make it shorter, not 10 pages.

2. Linn Hendershot and Bill Beard have never "disagreed" with me about anything major. And Hendershot has verbally so stated. It's only that none of us wants confrontation and ill will. It's difficult to get some worthwhile things accomplished, true, but give me a challenge! I say we can do it!

3. The meeting place is fine and always has been with me, including either of two locations proposed. But, the reason for the change, the attitude that this location is for one member's benefit solely is simply mean. It's not feasible for working in a group, particularly a disabled group which knows enough about exclusion matters.

4. There is a difference between saying "I, oh yes, really would love to be on the commisison!" and "Yes, I guess I'll be on the commission." Of course I knew that applications are available for all residents of our county. I simply felt, again, it was appropriate to observe. I still feel relatively insignificant and shy.

On the whole, I'm optimistic people can work together for the good of us all. We don't always want to do things. We can simply feel that some things are worth fighting for. Some things are too important to this county to be left ignored and unattended.

Ellen Albert

The oppressed must be helped

To the editor:

With all due respect to those who disagree with our president and Prime Minister Tony Blair in the disciplinary action upon Iraq, let me ask you this question: If someone broke into your house at 3 a.m. and threatened to assault your children, rob you of your possessions, then dominate your home would you (a) offer to discuss this with the assailant over a cup of coffee, (b) suggest to him that he must've had a bad childhood that has resulted in violent behavior, or (c) defend your family and do your best to apprehend the criminal?

Why do people criticize our government for carrying out discipline upon a tyrant and his regime who are responsible for the assault and death of thousands? Have you forgotten that God has instituted government for our protection?

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