Troop support bill doesn't meet deadline

April 14, 2003|by LAURA ERNDE

One of the last things the Maryland Senate did before it adjourned last Monday was pass a resolution urging support for coalition forces fighting in Iraq.

But the measure did not get approved without some vigorous debate by anti-war Sen. Paul Pinsky, D-Montgomery.

"I think it's patriotic to want those people home in order to save their lives," Pinsky said.

Pinsky also noted that Maryland's share of the war costs easily would pay for recommended increases in state education spending.

Pinsky, along with all 46 other senators, ultimately voted for the resolution but it died in the House of Delegates because there wasn't enough time to pass it before the session ended at the stroke of midnight.

Delegate shares chilly news from home front

Del. George Edwards told fellow members of the Maryland House of Delegates that Garrett County, his home county, received a record 232 inches of snow this winter.


The measurement was recorded atop Keyser's Ridge, elevation 3,000 feet, said Edwards, who gave Western Maryland snow reports throughout the 90-day session.

It beat the old record of 213 inches, which was set in 1995-96.

Walking approved as official state exercise

Although hundreds of important bills died when the session ended last Monday, General Assembly leaders made sure that two not-so-weighty issues were settled.

They made walking the official state exercise and the thoroughbred the official state horse.

Advocates said walking is something everyone can do to stay healthy and the thoroughbred is in keeping with Maryland's long tradition of horse breeding and racing.

Some lawmakers wondered aloud why the legislature spent its time on such matters.

"We have better things to do than vote on this," said Sen. Alex X. Mooney, R-Frederick/Washington.

Mooney was the only member of the Washington County Delegation to vote against both measures.

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