Mail Call for 4/11

April 14, 2003

"If all you young people out there think things are tough, just remember what my daddy told me a long time ago. He felt so sorry for himself because in the '30s he had no shoes, 'til he met a man who had no feet."

"What is wrong with the mayor wanting to adopt a French sister city? Sounds to me that he is a freedom fry short of a happy meal. Here we go again."

"I am really disgusted with this war in Iraq. This is all you see on TV. I think it's a shame that you pay for cable and then you are required or forced to watch this war. Not everyone is a warmonger like George Bush."

"I am a liberal, but I am willing to admit when I make a mistake. When I am watching on TV, it's apparent that we truly were freeing the Iraqi people, not invading them. With all the celebrations, it's clear that Bush and his team were right all along. I will be voting for Bush again in a couple of years."


"I just got my paper and I can't believe that the mayor wants a city from France to be a sister city after their cowardly scam on the Iraqi war."

"I watched the Cher show the other night and it was very good. How old is she, where was the show at and how many people were actually there?"

"Hagerstown has a sister city in Germany because a German immigrant founded Hagerstown. France had nothing to do with it. Don't even think about having a sister city in France. The USA saved them in World War II as well as Germany, now they decide to side with Saddam. We are boycotting French and German products nationwide. Also our fries are called freedom fries and our sauerkraut is now called Liberty Cabbage."

"Williamsport has clubs that help other organizations. The American Legion is one of them. They hold bingo on Monday nights. Come out and support our veterans. They helped keep our country free and without the veterans there wouldn't be a free America."

"So the U.N. wants a big role in the Iraqi situation now that we have done all the work that they wouldn't get involved in before. I don't think anyone should get a big role except the ones that were in there helping. I say don't let them have anything. They didn't do a thing to help the situation. If the U.N. would have put pressure on the Iraqis like they should have, the whole U.N., we wouldn't have had to go in there. They were gutless and wouldn't do their job, so now let's just keep them out of there completely."

"I too agree with the recent Mail Caller who said about the Hagerstown City Police officers' uniforms. Five different uniforms is not very appealing looking, plus it makes it quite confusing not knowing who is who."

"I live in the neighborhood of Cleveland Avenue and I am appalled at how several of the residents think it's a good idea to take their dogs for a walk on East Washington Street. They allow these animals to do their business at these apartments and when you ask them not to do it in my yard, they want to yell at me."

"I have some old National Geographic magazines and I would like to know what to do with them?"

"To the person who lost their brown coat and car keys on Northern Avenue, leave your name and number in Mail Call and I will get back with you."

"I am looking at today's paper and I am reading about someone saying about why the South High Band has to go outside the United States at all. When the children were rewarded for all their hard work during the fund-raisers for the past few years, this was already in the works. Tickets were already bought, I think they deserve this and if the parents have any concerns, they don't have to send them. We signed extra permission slips and a lot of the parents are going along. I applaud the band director at South High for making sure that these kids get what they deserve."

"To the mayor of Hagerstown who wants a French sister city: As Dr. Phil would say, 'what the heck are you thinking?'"

"I don't agree with John Munson, but I don't understand why they have to go to pre-k. If they want to go to kindergarten, fine. Let these children be children first. No pre-k, but kindergarten is fine."

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