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Letters to the editor 4/12

April 14, 2003

Good riddance

To the editor:

I just heard the news about Peter Arnett being fired by his media boss. It's a little late though - about 12 years too late! I personally heard his liberal comments about America's efforts in Iraq. The effect it will have is to help the no-war liberals back in America.

This is aiding and abetting the enemy. I'm ashamed of this man being an American and over there going against his own nation by trying to justify a sick demonized dictator like Saddam.

Arnett said he felt like a warrior over there. Yes, and we know for whose side - the enemy's. Mr. Bush needs to mete out some severe judgment and punishment for Peter Arnett now!

There are others over there who need to be sent home or to prison. They're no better than the trashy paparazzi that write in these trashy scandal sheets that people in this country feed off.


This Arnett sits right on public TV and cuts up America and Britain for what they are doing over there. "Hello," we are trying to liberate a people who are victimized, murdered, their tongues cut out, forced to vote for an insane man under the threat of death. Their vote is signed with blood and they are forced to vote for the only one on the ballot, or their families may be victimized and killed.

Is this what Peter Arnett is standing for in Iraq, the enemy? Who was stupid enough to send him over there? Look, where were all these protesters who want to stand up for Iraq during the eight years Clinton was in office scandalizing this nation. We didn't hear anyone protesting for the little babies being murdered under the partial-birth abortion ban that Clinton vetoed three times.

As long as the economy is good, and there are jobs, to the devil with any Christian or ethical morals or values; where were these crybabies you hear today? Where are they for a good cause? When the wicked reign, judgment is perverted. I appreciate President Bush, a praying man, a man of conviction, a godly man. We need more of these today. Stand by our troops, our country.

A. E. Snyder

We are lucky to have our soldiers

To the editor:

Along with the rest of the nation and world, I've been keeping up on the War in Iraq. The daily news reports leave me feeling full of pride and yet lost when I turn my television off for the night.

Here we have our own men and women in a country that is in terrible control, yet we have our own men and women here in America fighting against each other over this war.

Yes, war is terrible. There is no denying that. But here we have men and women, our men and women who have taken on the role of a United States military servicepeople, knowing that this is what they were training for. Knowing that this is what their jobs mean..knowing that this is what being an American is about. We live in a country where being in the military is an option, not a requirement.

We live in a country where these brave men and women of our armed forces put their personal lives on hold, say good-bye to their families and travel to a country where their lives will forever be changed. Why do they do this? Because they are the heart and soul of America. They fight with dignity, honor and respect. This is not the time for Americans to be fighting with each other, but a time when we need to band together as a whole country and support the bravest of the brave who have made the decision to uphold honor and duty.

As I double-check my house before calling it a night and kiss my sleeping children one last time before dawn, I think to myself how lucky I am to live in America where I have men and women I don't know watching over us. Pray for them, value them, honor them. They are what keeps our "one nation under God" safe.

Sharon Hutzell

Cuts aplenty can be found in government

To the editor:

Tom Janus better hide, or we'll shanghai him onto the City Council. His suggestions to cut the budget are astute and imaginative, such as eliminating positions where one person reports to a single other employee.

That could shrink the "empire building" that is endemic in the bureaucracy. Also, to eliminate all training-education dollars for state employees and the travel and entertainment that goes with them is a fine idea.

There is little training and less education in such expensive exercises.

Finally, a most practical and feasible suggestion on Janus' list is an across-the-board reduction of 2 percent. Without it, every line in the budget has a vested-interest group whom legislators don't have the nerve to offend, nor is there collective courage to make even modest cuts.

Jo Ann West

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