Commission approves plan at Williamsport site

April 08, 2003|by MARLO BARNHART

With last month's surprise plan for storing nearly 1,000 empty trailers on a 65-acre site near Williamsport just a memory, the Washington County Planning Commission Monday night agreed to recommend a previous 268-unit plan with more plantings to screen the trailers from view.

With a proposal for planting three-gallon forsythias on 6-foot centers along an existing dirt berm, Bowman Sales and Equipment Inc. submitted those revisions for its original site plan at the Monday meeting.

"This is the original plan, not the new plan," said Stephen Goodrich, chief senior planner, who had introduced the 999-unit plan at the March 4 meeting.

There was some discussion about how long it would take any plantings to grow to sufficient height and width to hide the trailers, especially if they were stacked two high, as many are now.


"I drove out there over the weekend and all you see is the very top of the double-stacked trailer," commission member Donald Ardinger said.

New commission member Bernard Moser said he read in the July 2002 minutes that Todd Bowman, company president, said then he could single-stack the trailers until the screening makes them not be seen, if necessary.

"If we approve it, it will be up to Washington County Permits and Inspections to enforce that they can't be seen," commission member George Anikis said.

Large storage trailers and sea containers - movable, stackable storage units transported by land and sea - occupy a portion of the property at 15935 Spielman Road south of Williamsport.

Commission Chair Paula Lampton said she feels the commission needs to discuss the stacking situation, but not now.

"There is a lot more going on here than a bunch of plants on a berm," Lampton said.

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