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Junk vehicle ordinance introduced

Junk vehicle ordinance introduced

April 08, 2003|by ANDREW SCHOTZ

SHARPSBURG - Property owners would be forbidden from keeping junk vehicles for more than 30 days under a draft ordinance presented to the Sharpsburg Town Council Monday.

Town Attorney and Zoning Administrator Charles Wagaman said there is an exception for any property owner who keeps one junk vehicle and only if it's in the rear yard.

The draft is similar to one discussed last month.

Former Mayor Sid Gale said last month that the impetus for the proposed law was a group of vehicles on land belonging to Rick Nocar and his girlfriend, Danielle Draper.

Nocar objected to the proposed law Monday night. He mentioned the definition of a "wrecked" vehicle as one that is "damaged to the extent that the cost of repairing the vehicle would be more than the market value of the vehicle in its damaged condition."


Referring to a car in his yard, Nocar said, "The book value is $30,000 when it's finished."

"I've been targeted and I take offense," Nocar said.

Town officials said the planning commission will review the draft, then send it to the Town Council. Wagaman said the council will probably discuss it at its June meeting.

One-hour parking limit considered

SHARPSBURG - A one-hour limit on parking spaces in the town square was considered Monday.

Councilman Ralph Hammond said an older woman told him she often had trouble finding parking near the library.

Mayor Hal Spielman said it might be wise to impose a one-hour limit on parking spaces in the square from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., which could help businesses that depend on those spaces.

One car has been parked in the same spot in the square for two months straight, Spielman said.

Brian Poffenberger, a member of the library board, said he wasn't aware of a parking problem and questioned the need for the restriction.

He suggested that the library board talk about parking at its next meeting and recommend some ideas to the Town Council.

The council approved Hammond's motion to clearly mark off the spaces at the corners of the square and see how that helps before taking any other actions.

"We're not done with this," Hammond said.

Resident questions Council appointment decision

SHARPSBURG - Town resident Brad Toole questioned the Town Council's decision to appoint Jeff Saylor to fill a vacant seat last month.

Toole said it would have made more sense to offer the position to either of the runners-up in the November election.

He was referring to Jennifer Silbert and Paul Breitenbach, who finished behind three incumbents.

"Politics is a nasty business," said Councilman Russ Weaver, whose idea it was to appoint Saylor.

Weaver said it was nothing personal against the two losing candidates, but he felt "more comfortable" working with Saylor, who he said would not "circumvent" the council.

Resident urges Council to build skateboarding area

SHARPSBURG - Town resident Steve Harris urged the mayor and Town Council to consider building a place for youngsters to ride their skateboards.

"There's no place for these kids to go," he said, motioning to five boys sitting in the front row of the audience.

"You've just about regulated them out of doing anything in town," he said.

From the audience, former Mayor Ron Milburn said the idea came up previously, but the town could not get liability insurance.

The council agreed to listen to the boys after they researched how other municipalities have offered skateboard parks.

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