Sports section looks different, but really isn't

April 07, 2003|by MARK KELLER

"What happened to the newspaper? What the heck's going on here? It seems so small now."

Hang on, now. Just calm down. Let's take a look at this.

As most of you may have noticed, The Herald-Mail is a physically smaller specimen than it was just a week ago. Our publisher, John League, has written a column in our Valley section explaining some of the particulars about this new streamlined publication.

While it is true the physical size of the paper has been reduced, we have not cut back on the amount of information that is being published on our pages.

We did need to make some adjustments. The print you are reading is smaller than it was before, but only by a fraction.


We are also using a more condensed font for our headlines, which helps us to make up for some of the space we lost in the conversion. (Personally, I like the new font better, too).

We made some other adjustments in the sports department, some of which you may have noticed, others you may not have.

Perhaps the biggest change is how our local roundup now looks. The boxscores, which had been mixed in with the roundup over the last four years, now have their own place on our pages.

This separation, which is how the boxscores had been published for years prior to the last change, keeps all those items together and makes editing both the boxscores and the roundups easier for us.

The size of the scoreboxes on our front page was reduced slightly, but we again used a condensed font to lessen the effects of the page shrinkage.

All in all, the content of the sports section will be the same. It will simply come in a smaller package.

The snow is melted, the grass is getting green. It's getting close to Little League baseball season.

I'll take this opportunity before the season begins to outline some of our guidelines for getting youth baseball and softball results to The Herald-Mail this year.

The preferred methods of getting information to us is by phone at 301-733-5131 or 1-800-626-6397, or by e-mail at

In order for scores to appear in the next day's paper, we must have the information by 11 p.m. Sunday through Friday and by 10 p.m. on Saturday. Anything that is received after that time will appear the following day.

Some other tips:


  • Have your information ready to go before you call. We can have you off the phone in as little as 30 seconds if you have everything ready before calling.

Mark Keller is sports editor of The Herald-Mail. His column appears every Sunday. He can be reached at 301-733-5131, ext. 2332, or by e-mail at

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