Group has vision of big flag in Waynesboro

April 04, 2003|by RICHARD BELISLE

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - It may soon be Flag Day every day in Waynesboro.

Members of Vision 2015, led by Ann Backer of Rouzerville, Pa., want the Waynesboro area to have its own giant American flag - a flag large enough and memorable enough to become a permanent landmark.

The project has won the blessings of Waynesboro Borough Manager Lloyd Hamberger, Washington Township Administrator Michael Christopher and Carol Henicle, executive director of the Greater Waynesboro Chamber of Commerce

Vision 2015 is a group of local community, business and government leaders who plan for the area's future.

The cost of building a base for the 120-foot-high flagpole and a memorial around it plus the cost of establishing a perpetual care fund is pegged at around $50,000. The flag will be 30-by-48-feet, Backer said.


Flags that size cost about $1,400. They usually wear out in a few months and have to be replaced, she said.

The principals have agreed that the best location for Waynesboro's flag is in the parking lot in front of Bourns Cabin and just east of the Tollgate House at 323 E. Main St., home of the Chamber of Commerce.

The property is owned by the Waynesboro Benevolent Association.

Christopher envisions a half-circle shaped mini-park or memorial etched into a retaining wall there that would serve as the base for the flagpole.

Hamberger said the only concern with putting the flag there is that its height could interfere with helicopters flying into the Waynesboro Hospital helipad across East Main Street. That is being checked into, Backer said.

She said she got the idea for a giant flag for Waynesboro after seeing the one at Memorial Park in Chambersburg, Pa., that was installed last year. "It took my breath away when I saw it," she said. "It was so beautiful. There's nothing like that here in the Waynesboro area."

The Chambersburg flag, on a 150-foot pole, was sponsored by the Franklin County Flag Association, which raised the money to install and maintain it.

"The flag is about America," Christopher said. "It will be an opportunity for the Waynesboro area to show its patriotism."

"We're not worried about raising the money," Backer said. "The flag means more now than ever before."

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