Letters to the editor - 4/1/03

April 01, 2003

Union supports war against Iraq

To the editor:

The Central Maryland AFL-CIO Council in concert with our sisters and brothers, stands firmly behind our troops. These brave men and women are America's best.

The Iraqi regime is a brutal dictatorship that threatens its neighbors and its own citizens. We support fully the goal of ridding Iraq of weapons of mass destruction. It is our sincere hope that this conflict will result in a more democratic and prosperous Iraq and a more peaceful and stable region, and that it will be resolved with little loss of life.

For that to occur, it is vital that the administration work diligently to repair relations abroad and rebuild a true global coalition in the task of reconstruction and democratization of Iraq.

We fully realize that people of good faith bring a range of concerns to the present conflict. Expressing those concerns should not be the grounds for challenge to one's patriotism.


We join our sisters and brothers in maintaining that the best way to have disarmed Saddam Hussein would have been with a broad international coalition sanctioned by the United Nations.

Now that a decision has been made, we are unequivocal in our support of our country and America's brave men and women on the front lines as well as their families here at home. Also, we urge the president as commander in chief to redouble the administration's commitment to bolster our security against terrorists attack here at home. It is an imperative that cannot wait for the completion of the Iraqi war.

In God we trust and we are prayerful that he will bless and guide our efforts in this present conflict to a successful and early conclusion.

C.W. "Woody" McNemar

Rally to the flag

To the editor:

I know this "Iraqi Freedom" war has caused us to have different views on how to fight this very complex war that we are faced with. Let's be clear about one thing - we all want peace and it's a much bigger issue than to be influenced by our political affiliation.

I think the world is much smaller now in terms of all the new technology available in communications and weaponry. Sept. 11, 2001, should make us all realize that we have enemies that are bent on doing us harm. Think about it - 200 of our Marines killed in Lebanon, the bombing of the twin towers, and the suicide bombing of our ship in Yemen.

I think it's time for us to remember what our country stands for and has stood for down through the years, in terms of human rights and freedom. It's the American way to disagree on issues. But some go over the line with their dissent and criticism.

For example, Charley Reese in comparing Abraham Lincoln with Saddam Hussein and making light of the horrific tragedy on Sept. 11, 2001. I have some advice for Reese: Get a copy of the Jan. 2003 issue of The Legion magazine and read the article written by Joe Foss. This article was written by a true American hero who was an airplane pilot in World War II, shooting down 26 enemy aircraft in the South Pacific.

Read what this genuine American has to say, digest it and take it to heart.

This struggle we are in is far from over, I'm sorry to say, and by sitting on our hands and saying we want peace, is not going to cut it. Make no mistake, war is terrible, but sometimes we must fight fire with fire.

Do you remember World War II? Pearl Harbor and the terrible death camps in Germany, etc. We along with our allies defeated the "Axis of Evil" then. Then we rebuilt Germany and Japan into prospering democratic countries, now enjoying freedom and capitalism.

So, let's rally 'round the flag. Know what we stand for in the good ole U.S.A. and support our president and our troops in this "Iraqi Freedom War."

Jack Myers


Support President Bush

To the editor:

It makes me proud to be an American when I see people voicing their opinions. It also makes me proud when I see our president and our military fighting to defend our freedoms such as the First Amendment and spread the joy and luxury of our freedoms to nations that have never felt it before. Yet I think every citizen must exercise their First Amendment freedom with caution.

Anyone and everyone can criticize elected officials. You can call them whatever you like, depending on what decisions they make. But what good has pointing fingers and calling them names ever solved? Do not just point your finger, but come up with a solution. Call politicians and elected officials whatever you like, but have you ever run for political office?

Every day I read letters and articles, and hear people bashing people who are working day and night to defend the rights of the people who are criticizing and insulting them.

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