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March 31, 2003

Who's the bad guy?

To the editor:

One definite common denominator between these anti-war protestors and the elitist liberals in this country is hypocrisy. In recent weeks we have seen several million protestors (a rather insignificant number considering the total population of this planet) rally against our president and this country.

I would find it marginally acceptable if we were guilty of only a fraction of what Saddam Hussein is guilty of. Here is a man who has made it a general practice to kill or brutalize any family member, friend, or Iraqi who posed any threat to his regime.

A man who has no problem using chemical weapons on his own people. A man who has defied every U.N. resolution in the past 12 years, the same U.N. that all of these protestors adore. So where is the outrage against Hussein from these whiners? These Europeans especially should shut their pie holes.


We have repeatedly bailed them out, and the elimination of the threat of Iraq will only help them. So why aren't they protesting against Hussein, encouraging him to disarm and comply so war can be avoided?

The liberals in this country are no better. After the tragic day of 9/11, liberals everywhere were racing to the TV cameras demanding to know what our president and intelligence community knew, and when they knew it. What we know now is that our former liberal-in-chief, who was so "obsessed" with bin Laden, passed up the opportunity to apprehend him on several occasions.

We also know now what the current and potential threat of Iraq and Hussein are, but the best the liberals can come up with now is "How much will this war cost?" Did anyone ask how much war with Japan and Germany would cost in World War II?

These same liberals fully supported former President Clinton going after Slobodon Milosevic several years ago without giving consideration to the cost. Now we are going after another dictator in Hussein, who makes Milosevic look like Mr. Rogers, and cost is suddenly a factor. I guess we should just look in the other direction, and when Hussein's chemical and biological weapons are used by Al-Qaeda to attack our country, I will be running to the cameras demanding to know what the likes of Ted Kennedy and Tom Daschle knew, and when they knew it.

Dan Rinehart

Walk for autism

To the editor:

On April 5, join us at Allegany College of Maryland as members of our community walk the mile track to raise money to fund autism research. This year's Walk F.A.R. for NAAR (National Alliance for Autism Research) is Cumberland's first annual walk. NAAR is the first national non-profit organization in the country dedicated to funding biomedical research to find causes, prevention, effective treatments and, ultimately, the cure for autism.

Marcy Hardinger brought Walk F.A.R. for NAAR to Cumberland and the surrounding areas. Her daughter Hannah, then age 5, was only 15 months old and had not been conclusively diagnosed. Her mother was quoted as saying, "They said she would never crawl, they said she would never sit up or stand. Now they're saying "Let's not say what she'll do, let's just watch her."

Since that time Hannah has been diagnosed with a form of autism called PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder.) In spite of her limitations, she has made amazing strides since her birth on July 25, 1997.

She can walk and run, and although she is considered "non-verbal," she can now say "up," and she is very able to make her wants and needs well known in other ways. The most amazing thing about Hannah is that she has the ability to give and receive love and she is now able to make brief eye contact.

This is because her parents and family, especially her mother, spend so much time working with her so diligently to achieve the smallest goals. Hannah is bright, full of love and totally amazing.

It's because of Hannah's life that Walk F.A.R. for NAAR is now taking place in Cumberland. The walk is on April 5, at Allegany College of Maryland from 9 a.m. to noon. This event will bring the walkers music, entertainment and lots of fun! If reading about Hannah has touched your heart for her, and the many families that are affected by autism, please register as soon as possible. Registration is very important. We need excited, sincere people to be team captains. Forming a team is easy.

You may have any amount of walkers on your team. Please register quickly

To register either send your name, address and phone number along with your team captain and your team home to:

Marcy Hardinger
179 Whitetail Lane
Bedford, PA 15522

or call Marcy at 1-301-697-2543. Thank you for helping Hannah and the many children in our area.

Cumberland Chapter of NAAR
Cumberland, Md.

Give some money to our children

To the editor:

This letter goes to those who get sick on their stomachs when they hear about the neglect, abuse or even death of a precious child.

When the president says, "Leave no child behind," let it mean more than their reading ability. To all pro-life supporters, a child's life goes on after birth.

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