No candidates for three seats on Borough Council

March 31, 2003|by RICHARD BELISLE

Mont Alto's Borough Council has enjoyed relative stability in recent years after a time in the late 1990s when hardly anyone could be found to run for the seven-member board.

This year, the terms of three of the seven members are up and none of the three has filed for re-election, Borough Secretary Patty Kocek said Friday.

The three are Michael Gossard, a member of an Air National Guard unit in West Virginia that has been called up for active duty, John Flory and Douglas Duffey. None of the three could be reached for comment Friday.


The deadline to file for re-election was March 11.

No one else filed for the seats, Kocek said.

At this point, anyone who wants to seek a seat on the council will either have to wage a write-in campaign in the November election or wait until Jan. 1, the start of the new terms, to be appointed by the council, Kocek said.

Mont Alto elections historically have been settled by write-in campaigns.

In some cases, candidates provide voters with stickers with their names properly spelled that they can attach to the ballot, Kocek said.

"If a write-in ballot has the name spelled wrong, it doesn't count," she said.

Other candidates hand out business cards to voters on their way into the polls, she said.

Elections in the borough are often decided by as few as a handful of votes.

Primary elections usually bring low voter turnouts.

For a while in the late 1990s, the borough had trouble finding anyone to fill its ballots in local elections.

"We haven't had so many vacancies on the ballots in the last three years," Kocek said.

Council members whose terms are not up this year include P. Edward Nunemaker Jr., the council president; Tom Lowson, council vice president; and members Fred Harrington Sr., and James Powell.

Debra Powell is the mayor.

Neither the council members nor the mayor earn salaries, Kocek said.

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