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Letters to the editor - 3/28/03

March 28, 2003

Proud of 'Les Miz'

To the editor:

I too will be in attendance for "Les Miserables" at Williamsport High School. I will be traveling from North Carolina, not with a sign, but with feelings of pride and appreciation. The efforts of the actors, singers, directors, stage staff and the Board of Education should be loudly applauded.

Yes, I am the grandfather of the high school sophomore who is fortunate enough to have been selected to do one of the male lead parts.

I was an educator in Washington County for 36 years. I was also a director of music for three different churches during that time. I was also director of a musical singing group, Friends 'n Spirit. Mrs. Myers may remember that her daughter was one of the performers in that group.

Please keep in mind that this musical is a re-enactment of historical events. The recently performed Civil War battle in Washington County was a re-enactment. It showed death and violence, but I don't think God will punish the thousands of actors who participated.


As an educator, I have heard some astounding language spewed forth from the mouths of many teenagers. I don't think they learned it from an historical musical production.

I suggest that the many new television shows and commercials are much more sexually explicit than "Les Miserables." You can also turn them off.

As a director of Friends 'n' Spirit, I recall that we performed many songs from Broadway shows. Some of these songs could have been construed to have sexual connotations. You can probably see and hear sexual innuendoes by groups performing at Disney World. You might even come across events in the Bible which could be classified as sexually explicit.

I am glad that Mrs. Myers has found the Lord. Both of my grandchildren are active members in the church. My granddaughter is serving an apprenticeship at First Christian Church, while also attending Hagerstown Community College.

Mrs. Myers, if you are still awaiting inspiration, might I suggest the following: God loves all the little children. I am sure that when all is said and done, God will appreciate the talent and dedication put forth at Williamsport High School in April 2003.

If you really want to be part of a "cause" why not spend that time praying for our men and women in the military? They too went to high schools and may have been a part of a school musical performance.

I will be present for the performance of "Les Miserables." Look for me, Mrs. Myers, I will be the person without the sign, but with a heart swelling with pride.

James W. Wilson
New Bern, N.C.

Point not taken

To the editor:

The only point Mrs. Myers will make in her protest of Williamsport High School's production of "Les Miz," is that she would rather stand outside the auditorium than come inside and support her grandson.

I think it is a shame that her grandson will not have the encouragement of his grandmother, in what I am sure will be a wonderful production. I am a big fan of Ruth Ridenour and I am sure the words and scenes in question will be handled in good taste. I hope to attend this production of "Les Miz" and the one at Thomas Johnson High School in Frederick as this is one of my favorite shows. Oh, and Mrs. Myers, I will be bringing my children ages 16, 12, and 10 years old. I wouldn't want them to miss such a wonderful show. Bravo! To Ruth Ridenour for bringing culture to our children and our community.

Tracey Moore

Protests aid terrorism

To the editor:

The question of whether to protest or not to protest has been on everyone's mind. Well, as much as I agree with our Constitution that every person has the right to voice his or her opinion, we need to take a closer look at what the consequences are for this choice.

I think that protesters, both for and against the war in Iraq, need to rethink their participation in protests. I work as a professional firefighter for the City of Hagerstown and have been involved with emergency services for more than 25 years. Our country has been on a higher state of alert since we (our military) went to the Persian Gulf area to try to put an end to this threat to our country and the world.

This puts a lot of additional strain on emergency services personnel and the resources that they have at their disposal here in our homeland. Please, stop and think about what voicing your opinion, in the form of protests, does to allow terrorism to get an upper hand in the areas where you live and are protesting.

Every time you organize a protest or take part in one, you take police officers, firefighters, emergency services personnel and other important resources away from the job of protecting our country. More important, you take them away from the jurisdiction where you are, placing the people of that area and yourself open to a greater threat of a terrorist attack.

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